Prophecies of Nostradamus, which should come true in 2020

In the book “The Prophecies of Nostradamus”, published in 1555, the author of which was M. de Nostradam, all the author’s predictions were announced to the world. They even touched upon the events of 3979.

In His book, the author made an accurate forecast of the events that went down in history. These are events such as:

  • World War I;
  • The beginning of the Second World War;
  • Hitler will be at the head of Germany;
  • The assassination of J. Kennedy;
  • The fall of the twin towers in the USA.

What to expect in 2020?

  1. Britain will have a new king. The Queen of England has been around for a long time. During her reign, 13 ministers have changed, and America has had 13 presidents. According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, the crown of Britain will pass to a new owner, who will be Prince Charles, after the death of Elizabeth II.
  2. Kim Jong-un will leave his post. Nostradamus wrote that the people of North Korea will rise up against the government in 2020, due to which there will be a change of power in the country. According to the seer Sev. Russia will help Korea, after which the Asian country will change beyond recognition.
  3. End of the big war. The trade war between the US and China will end in favor of the Asian country. Example: America imposed sanctions on the Chinese company Huawei. So what? The company not only did not go bankrupt, it continues its rapid development and takes second place in the mobile industry market. This suggests that China will become a superpower.
  4. Strong earthquakes. California has been expecting big trouble from nature for years now. In 2019, many were talking and waiting for strong tremors. As Nostradamus said in 2020, the San Andreas fault will burst, and all of California will sink. Also next year, Turkey will suffer from tremors, with a force of 7 -7.4 points.
  5. Terrible forest fires. In 2019, forests burned in the US and Russia. Nostradamus said in his writings that these are just little things. In 2020, fires are expected in the European part of the mainland. One can say ½ part of Europe will suffer from them. These fires will engulf Germany, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain. The prophet also foresaw the collapse of the United States due to uncontrolled fires in large states.
  6. Other natural disasters. In 2020, there will be a lot of destruction and casualties associated with the riot of nature. The Prophet said that this would be a record year for natural disasters and that the inhabitants of the North American continent would suffer the most from them.

How do you feel about ancient prophecies? Do you believe in them?

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