The Chinese are very evil. This is the most terrible misfortune of mankind. Prophecies of Macarius

Blessed schema nun Macarius (according to the documents of Theodosius Artemiev), during her lifetime helped a lot of people. She had the divine gift of healing.

She was born in 1926 and immediately after her birth, she was introduced to herself, since she was not particularly needed, already at that time, by her elderly parents. Since childhood, the healer did not walk well due to a serious illness in her legs.

At the age of 18, she fell into a lethargic sleep, in which she remained for 14 days. After that, she told everyone that she traveled around the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Chinese are very evil. This is the most terrible misfortune of mankind. Prophecies of Macarius

When the war began, her parents abandoned her and she was taken in by a nun. When Theodosia discovered the gift of healing in herself, her fame spread everywhere. She was soon tonsured a nun, and they began to refer to her as Macarius. A lot of people came to her for help, and she helped them.

More than one person who visited her said that Macarius had a truly unique gift of healing and thus helped many.

Prophecies of Macarius about Russia

  • There will be an Apocalypse soon, and our generation will be a witness to it;
  • In the future, people will be greedy and evil, the road to Paradise will be closed to them;
  • Macarius called our current time the time of the evil one, since evil will spread on earth;
  • There will be changes in the Church, and God will turn away from Christians. And so who will believe with all his heart, those will spread rot. Many churches will also be closed.
  • The next age will be the age of sorcerers. As you can see today, this prophecy hit the nail on the head. Every year more and more healers and psychics appear who have an inherently amazing gift and, most surprisingly, they are all non-believers.
  • She also said that the climate will turn back. Summer will be short and winter long. The earth will be covered by cold weather and natural disasters. The day will shorten and darkness will rule the earth.
  • As for the war, Macaria said: “Wait for all the danger from the east.”
  • Prophecy about the Chinese
  • In the future there will be an invasion of the Chinese. “The Chinese are very mean.” This is the most terrible misfortune of mankind. Macaria was sure that the Chinese would want to take over half the globe, since they would have nowhere to live.

And this is also true. Today, the Chinese are everywhere, wherever you look, they are everywhere. There are more and more of them. Already all of Siberia and the Far East are inhabited by them. Not only that, they want to rake up the whole of Siberia for themselves.

And with the help of a well-developed economy, advanced technology and a powerful army, it will not be difficult for them to translate the words of Makaria into reality.

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