Abel’s prophecies – what awaits us in the future, a detailed prediction (2 photos)

The predictions and prophecies of Abel tell about the future of mankind and Russia and excite the minds of people for the past three centuries. Let’s analyze what the famous monk told the world about.

Biography and formation

Abel was born into an ordinary peasant family, even before the abolition of serfdom – at the beginning of 1757. He remained unknown until the age of 39, and then he met General Samoilov, which influenced the formation of a monk as a soothsayer.

Even in his youth, Abel was already beginning to write his prophecies. He stated predictions in his written works, for which he was repeatedly prosecuted by law. For most of his youth and maturity, the monk was not in a quiet cell, but in prisons because of his attempts to convey his truth to people.

At the age of 39, he met General Samoilov, and he asked what the seer was prophesying. Abel said that “on the night of November 6, the empress will die.” Shocked by the prediction, the general ordered the monk to be sent to the Peter and Paul Prison.

However, the prediction came true, Paul took the place of the empress and ordered the release of all prisoners from prisons. So Abel received freedom, and the fame of his predictions went around Russia. The new emperor himself wanted to see the soothsayer and kissed him for the fulfilled prophecy.

Paul asked the monk to give a forecast about his fate in the near future, but Abel did not answer. He continued his service in the Nevsky Monastery under the guidance of a just and intelligent abbot. A year later, the soothsayer was sent to serve God in another monastery due to the fact that he predicted the time of death for other monks and “composed fables.”

In order for Abel to stop, according to the ruler of the Russian state, “doing stupid things,” he was transferred to the Valaam monastery with very strict conditions of service. But this did not prevent the soothsayer from writing the first handwritten version of the “Zero Scary Book” with new frightening prophecies. This book was read by the metropolitan and the secret chamber, after which the seer was again sent to Petropavlovka in custody.

Prophecies for the Head of State

The emperor himself paid a visit to the seer in the company of a favorite. Witnesses of the event claim that before talking with Abel, the emperor and his companion were cheerful, but after they came out frightened and frowning, the girl was crying.

Abel's prophecies - what awaits us in the future, a detailed prediction (2 photos)

On the night after the conversation with the seer, Paul could not sleep for a long time. He wrote a message with the promise “To reveal to the heir to the throne not earlier than on the hundredth day from the minute of my death.” From that moment on, some oddities began to be noticed in the behavior of the emperor. He was in a state of thought, then he was depressed, then he was afraid of something.

This came from the fact that Abel predicted an untimely tragic death to Paul, which later came true – the emperor was killed as a result of the conspiracy of his heir in 1801.

Abel’s New Prophecies

The next emperor, Alexander, ordered the monk to be rescued from captivity. However, Abel did not calm down and continued to give terrible predictions:

  • He reported on the coming bloody battles with the Gauls, a difficult siege and devastating massive fires in the capital.
  • Abel also predicted a military confrontation with the French: “On June 12, 1812, a strong and powerful tsar will come, who will enter the gates of Moscow.” Looting, arson of churches, a fire in the capital – it all came true

After his release in 1813, the seer went to Jerusalem and began to live in the Athos monastery. Only towards the end of his life, suffering from hunger and disease, did he return to his homeland, having managed to tell his last prediction – Nicholas the First, the youngest of all heirs, would ascend the throne.

Abel’s predictions about the future of Russia

Considering that many of Abel’s prophecies have already come true, it is worth listening to his predictions. He told a lot about the future and destiny of our country.

Here are the well-known fulfilled and yet unfulfilled prophecies of the seer:

  • He predicted the execution of Nicholas in 1918 and the death of the Romanov dynasty
  • The prophecy about the reign of Boris Yeltsin, the resignation of the president and the rise to power of Vladimir Putin came true
  • Abel predicted that “the second Boris, the giant titan” would come to power. During the reign of this man, the country will come at a loss, Russia will suffer many troubles. But after that, a new “man of short” stature will ascend the throne, who will ascend the throne three times and direct the state on the path of economic development.
  • In the 21st century, many difficulties await Russia – this is a period of great trials for the Russian people. A person will come to power who will hold on to his chair with all his might.
  • Abel believed that 2024 would be a special time for Russia. At this time, the “blessed king” will ascend the throne, and from that moment on, the country will develop by leaps and bounds, and the life of citizens will improve
  • But immediately after, the “Great Potter” will come to the pinnacle of power, who will deal with the enemies of the country and lead the state out of the crisis period, turn Russia into a great power

The prophecies about Gorbachev and Zyuganov came true. Of course, the prophet did not name names, but in his descriptions the image of these rulers is easily guessed. Most of Abel’s predictions came true, which allows you to trust his opinion and listen to him.

Apocalypse Predictions

The most recent prophecies of the famous seer date back to 2892. He claimed that during this period the real end of the world would come. Researchers tend to believe that the predictions are about the reign of the Antichrist.

In the texts of the prophecies, Abel told the darkness into which the earth would plunge for a whole millennium. The monk claimed that humanity would lose its mind and become an easily controlled herd.

After a millennium, the dead will rise, and the living will change dramatically. Believers will be granted eternal life, and sinners will go to purgatory. Thus, everyone will receive according to their deeds and merit.

It is noteworthy that some of the prophecies are kept in the country’s security service, including Abel’s predictions.

Many of the monk’s prophecies have already come true, and the rest are quite similar to the truth. Therefore, there is every reason to believe in them.

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