There was a prediction of the decline of the “era of the West” and the beginning of the “age of Asia”

The coronavirus pandemic marked the end of the “Western Age” and the beginning of the “Asia Age”, according to Le Figaro columnist Sebastian Faletti.

“The so long-awaited and inexorable rise of the Asia-Pacific region and its inevitable consequence – the relative decline of the West – were waiting for their 9/11 to shock the minds,” reports RT the text of the Le Figaro article.

He noted that many have said in recent years that “the 21st century will be the century of Asia,” but they did not really believe in this, since the Western powers still remained in the forefront. The West has condescendingly watched the “Asian ants” who work day and night and build the highways of the future and utopian cities.

But after the arrival of the virus in European nursing homes and villages, the political system of these countries was overwhelmed and disoriented by the scale of this wave, as well as their health systems, the author writes. Already 17,000 French people have become victims of the coronavirus, compared to 229 people in Korea of ​​50 million or six people in Taiwan, Faletti notes.

He noted that in Asia they learned from the experience of SARS in 2003, so they immediately took measures to protect their population. Even in China, where the author of the article considers official statistics to be underestimated, he admits that drastic quarantine measures have largely helped limit the spread of the virus inside Hubei province.

“The virus does not spare Western democracies, who liked to lecture the rest of the world, boasting of the apparent superiority of their political model, but have lost room for economic maneuver,” the observer writes.

He noted that developing Asia had taught Europe “an astonishing lesson in political efficiency.”

“In Beijing, Seoul or Singapore, the pace of growth has become a lever to return to the forefront of world history and erase the indignities of the colonial era,” the author of the article writes.

He calls the fact that the pandemic spread from the “world factory” a cruel blow of history. Faletti notes that the West “blindly handed over the keys to its industrial future” to the dictatorial regime, but it’s too late to blame China for all the sins when the West itself put an end to its fundamental values ​​​​like freedom and democracy in order to reduce costs.

Back in March, the VZGLYAD newspaper wrote in detail about how the pandemic would change the world.

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