Met a shaman and he told me about the future

I used to be a frequent visitor to a vegetarian cafe near the bus station in Vung Tau. In this cafe, the principle of a buffet and a fixed price of 25k Vietnamese dongs (about 72 Russian rubles). Now I live on the other side of the city, so I don’t go to this cafe anymore.

This incident happened in the last months of 2018 . There was some kind of Buddhist holiday and there were a lot of people in the cafe, among which there were several bald Buddhist monks in bright orange clothes. Usually I always try to sit alone at a table, I take care of my personal space , but that evening, due to the large number of guests, the hostess put several tables on the sidewalk and I was ordered to take a seat next to one of the monks.

Met a shaman and he told me about the future

Food from that vegetarian cafe

I began to eat, ignoring the monk. Toward the middle of the plate, the monk suddenly spoke, in Russian . It turned out that in the 70s he worked on a ship in the USSR, in my opinion in the city of Nakhodka. He said that he had a Russian friend Renya and he had good memories of our country. Also, he was interested in how I feel in Vietnam. I replied that everything is fine, I like everything.

The monk told me that he was a shaman and knew how to tell fortunes and suggested that I find out the future.

“Is this service free?” I asked, “ free for you ,” he replied, taking my hand and closing his eyes. And I introduced myself as a participant in the “Battle of Psychics” program)))

A minute later, freeing my hand, he asked what I would like to know from him? I was confused at first. When the road is nearby and the Vietnamese are loudly noisy around , it was very difficult to quickly gather my thoughts.

At that point in time, I had been living in Vietnam for 3 years already, I was already satisfied and I wanted to change something in my life, so the first thing I asked him was “is it worth returning to Russia?” .

“You will return, but you won’t be able to live there for long. Your destiny is to live abroad, ” he replied. And what country will I live in? “ Somewhere in Asia, or again in Vietnam, ” he replied.

I honestly admit that at that time I was skeptical about the monk’s prediction. Going back to Vietnam or Asia is like changing the needle for soap.

Looking ahead, I will say that the predictions came true . In June of this year, I returned to Russia, then, already in July, I tried the rep. Belarus, which met me with rains and failures. As a result, after 2 weeks I could not stand it and returned to Russia, in which I was attacked by longing for Vietnam. And, closer to October, when the cool weather began, I could not stand it and flew back to Vietnam.

The monk said that my character is too kind for today’s society and I need to be careful with people, because they can take advantage of it.

Maybe that’s why I get into different adventures with unscrupulous Asians))

From the monk, I received answers to several personal questions that have not yet been tested by time, and if they come true, I will definitely share them with you.

On the way home, I had a mixed impression of the meeting . It was funny to me, because I did not quite trust the monk’s predictions, but at the same time I was sad that I forgot to get answers to other questions and was ashamed to take the monk’s contacts. Also this name – Renya, his Russian friend, broke my brain .

Arriving home, it dawned on me that there is no sound Zh in the Vietnamese language and his friend was most likely called Zhenya.

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