How Vanga received her gift and to whom she gave it (4 photos)

How and from whom did people of such a class as Nostradamus or Vanga receive all the information about the future. All the minds of mankind are struggling with this clue, because they saw the whole truth in the predictions.

Many minds of mankind are sure that a person’s superpowers arise spontaneously, from outside interference, coordinated in the work of the brain. It was in this way that Vanga acquired her amazing gift. As a child, she fell into a whirlwind, which suddenly grabbed her roughly and, spinning, carried her away.

Lightning struck with impunity into her body, her eyes were covered with sand, which, then, were closed forever. From that moment on, she had this inner gift – to see the fate of people. Up to 70% of her predictions came true absolutely accurately.

To predict the fate of a person, it was enough for her to touch his object with her hands. All her predictions came true very quickly and accurately. People were at a loss, how can this even be?

Therefore, there were kilometer-long lines to the ingenious soothsayer. People begged, thanked, were ready to pray for her. She has long seen the fate of our country – Russia.

Vanga’s predictions about Russia:

How Vanga received her gift and to whom she gave it (4 photos)

Vanga’s predictions for Russia

And further:

How Vanga received her gift and to whom she gave it (4 photos)

Vanga’s words, her prediction of Russia

These words are a balm for the soul:

How Vanga received her gift and to whom she gave it (4 photos)

It’s about Russia

Outlining a circle around her with her hands, Vanga said that Russia would become a great empire in the world.

Perhaps not easy, Vanga left Svetlana Kuleshova as her successor – who sees a person through and through. She scans a person like an x-ray since childhood.

It was in her childhood that she suddenly saw in the corner a woman sitting in a white scarf. It was Vanga. The seated woman asked the girl to come to Bulgaria, she must give her something before leaving for another world. The family was scared, and the girl too.

Then in 1989, little was known about Wang in Russia. From that moment, incredible events began to occur in the family. Mom found an old magazine with a photo of Vanga. The girl recognized her immediately. We decided to go to Bulgaria. At the time, this was not easy to do.

Vanga was waiting for Svetlana, they let her out of the queue and explained that she would give her her gift. Only he should help people. Then she noticed that since Sveta already has the gift of seeing a person from the inside, she must get a medical education so as not to harm people.

She asked Sveta to come in a year. So Vanga controlled her student. Svetlana received an education and treats people, combining her gift and medicine.

Clairvoyants know and knew everything about us humans. How it all endured, we do not understand. I spoke about the possible ways of acquiring and transferring the gift of such a class of people. What do you think of it? Because I can’t believe it.

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