Scientists have a video film of 2202

Humanity will exist in the distant future, but the life of society will change radically and become terrible for most people. This is evidenced by a documentary video dated 2202 and delivered to our era by a certain time traveler.

“This man rented a house in a village near Perm for about a year and a half,” says Alexander Kovalchuk, a specialist in systemic public research at the Russian Association of Anomalous Phenomena. He had dark skin and spoke with a strange, sing-song accent. The stranger did not communicate with the neighbors and recently suddenly disappeared. He left behind a film about life in the future.

Kovalchuk was approached for advice by employees of the secret technical service, which, however, had nothing to do with the FOB. He was presented with an unusual-looking oval-shaped apparatus 1.4 meters long with a rough black surface and a helmet with nine short protrusions.

– Putting on a helmet, I plunged into another life and became, as it were, a participant in the events taking place in it. I could even ask other people questions,” Kovalchuk later said.

The expert was asked to assess the nature of the social organization of the society of the future and analyze it. Then he was shown separate fragments of a film set into a single complex, the action of which takes place in Europe. The total running time of the film exceeded 100 hours.

According to Kovalchuk, amazing success has been achieved in the technological development of the society of the future. In particular, there is a complete abundance of material goods: food, clothing, housing … They are produced exclusively by biological robots that can change functions and even appearance depending on the nature of the operations performed.

In the future, there will be no pollution of the environment and the prevention of infectious, oncological and cardiovascular diseases will be ensured. There is also virtually no crime and drug addiction.

“However, there can be no talk of any paradise or a golden age,” says Kovalchuk. Quite the contrary: the nature of the organization of society from the point of view of the people of our time is truly monstrous.

The main tasks of mankind in the 23rd century are to increase life expectancy and genetic restructuring of the human body in order to endow it with ultra-high intelligence and memory, many times greater than the capabilities of modern computers, telepathy, as well as the ability to do without sleep and oxygen and withstand temperatures from minus 150 to plus 100 °C.

All scientific, technical and energy resources are concentrated in the hands of a small group of people – the “super-elite”. The rest serve to achieve its goals.

“People are divided into two main categories,” Kovalchuk said with a shudder in his voice. – The first includes “guinea pigs” on which genetic experiments are carried out. They undergo the most complex surgical operations, including on the brain, as a result of which they become terrible freaks, which are then ruthlessly destroyed.

Members of the second category – scientists – are constantly developing new methods of genetic transformation of the human body, the results of which are used by the “super-elite”.

All of them live in full prosperity and can satisfy any of their material needs. Every year they are given 5-6 vacations for several days, which they spend in fashionable resorts.

Nevertheless, the lives of these people are not to be envied. They have to work 10-12 or more hours a day – almost without days off. The slightest resistance is brutally suppressed by the repressive organs, which conduct round-the-clock surveillance of them. Even the suspicion of disobedience or discontent is enough to transfer any hard worker into the category of “guinea pigs.”

The fate of an alien from the future, who clearly did not belong to the local elite, is unknown. The agents who came to Kovalchuk only made it clear that he was forced to hide in our time, either from our security services, or from the same services of the 23rd century. Apparently, in the end, he was discovered and hit the run, but when escaping, he was in such a hurry that he hurriedly threw an outlandish video camera near the highway, and it fell into the hands of specialists from our era.

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