The human soul is immortal. Mystical life story

Sometime in my distant youth, I read Jack London’s book “Interstellar wanderer”, and suddenly I realized once and for all that the human soul is immortal, despite the fact that a person is alive or dead. And since then I have not been afraid of death.

This year I turned 85 years old, because I believe that I will live forever, as my soul will be reincarnated in a different quality, or in a new person, or in another being. I believed this after reading this small, but such a truthful sincere thought of D. London, and I still live with this, I believe him and have confirmation of this.

The fact is that I soon married a loved one, we lived happily in marriage for 46 years, we had two magnificent sons, my husband loved them without memory, he was an artist, an amateur photographer, a film director, he made many good amateur films about North, Kolyma, Stalin’s camps.

And I worked as a choreographer, and he, as an artist, helped me in everything: both costumes and scenery – he did everything himself, helped me in everything, postponing his business, and he painted, sewed, invented everything himself, because he loved me very much. Of course, the love was mutual! But the terms of the northern life are ending, the sons had to study, and we are leaving home, as they say, “to the mainland.”

And we left, especially since the years approached retirement. Those were the tough 90s. And my unforgettable husband is overtaken by strokes: the first – the hospital – was pulled out, the second – at home – was pulled out, and the third is dying. That’s horrible! Shock for me, how can that be?! After all, we dreamed of living in love and friendship, in our old age to devote ourselves, finally, not to work, but dreamed of devoting ourselves to the family, children, grandchildren, etc. here. What is it, why did this happen? I am in these reflections, with a broken heart, constantly wet eyes, thinking, as they say, or I am day and night.

And then something happens, I don’t know what to call it, unprecedented or improbable. In this “confused-upset” state of mine.

I’m leaving for my small dacha (in order to somehow survive in this difficult time: my husband is sick, my sons are studying, I was offered to work in a club in the village, a good club, an excellent choir, but there is no dancing, and I took a part-time job, and they gave me a plot with a house where there was a small garden and a vegetable garden, what we needed to survive).

And so I, full of worries from the loss of a loved one, decided to visit the dacha, to see how everything is there. I went, everything was fine, even two hens and a rooster are alive – a neighbor looked after.

I more or less calmed down, went into the house, left the doors wide open both in the corridor and in the room, especially since it was a March warm day outside. Somehow she even calmed down for the first time, although a month had passed since the death of her husband.

I lay down on the sofa and began to doze, when I saw a blue cloud, as if flying into the opening of the corridor door, which floated into my room, somehow dissolving over me. And I hear the voice of my husband, I recognize by the timbre: “I am with you, dear, do not be sad so bitterly. I’ll always be with you”. In response, I say: “It doesn’t happen, Yura, you’re dead!” And he: “It happens, it happens!”

And I, not believing my ears and eyes, decide to go out into the yard and see if someone is there, maybe smoking, maybe kindling a fire, because this is the outskirts of the village. She went out, looked around, nowhere and no one was there, silence, warmth, the sun is shining, droplets fall drip-drip, drip-drip, God’s grace.

Having calmed down, she returned, lay down and fell asleep, so soundly that she woke up late in the evening, when it got dark. I opened my eyes, and an inner voice tells me: “Now we are together with you forever.” And I suddenly believed that my husband is in my soul forever, and I can turn to him mentally, consult and receive answers.

And from that moment on, I gained peace and confidence that my husband’s soul did not become an interstellar wanderer, but decided to be with me while I was alive, but if I die, then together we will fly away into interstellar space.

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