Vanga’s predictions about the future of mankind and space

The Bulgarian seer Vanga is known for her prophetic predictions not only about the earth and individual people. Also, she has “cosmic prophecies” about our future and changes in the nearest planets of the solar system. The blind clairvoyant in her visions traveled through the afterlife and was carried away by her soul to the far reaches of space. The soothsayer claimed that our Earth is not the only inhabited planet in the Universe and that one day humanity will be forced to meet aliens from other worlds.

While people are sending interplanetary probes to the stars and possible inhabitants of other planets, according to Baba Vanga: we do not need to look for aliens – an alien mind will fly to Earth from the planet Vamphim.

Such a cosmic body is unknown to modern scientists and astronomers, but this does not mean that it does not exist. Who knows what exactly the seer was talking about? Once upon a time; and, about her prediction about the sinking of Kursk, was attributed to the name of the city in modern Russia.

The literal words of the prophetess Vangelia:

“Alien intelligence will fly to Earth from the planet Vamphim.”

In her prophecies, Vanga often called her listeners to the unknown spaces of the worlds, surprised with unexpected knowledge about the Universe. So, according to the writer Svetlana Savitskaya, who studied the predictions of Baba Vanga for a long time, the seer claimed that one day humanity would master Mars, but the consequences would be terrible for our planet. The colonists on Mars will riot, demanding independence from Earth. In her opinion, this will lead to space wars between “Martians” and “Earthlings”.

According to Vangelia’s forecasts, terrible cataclysms will occur on our luminary (the Sun) and the night guard (Moon). S. Savitskaya writes:

“The prediction that our Sun will go out, and then people will light up the second Sun, is extremely interesting.

The soothsayer predicted that humanity would be able to; finally, to conquer the oceans and build a huge underwater city at its bottom. Under the thickness of the ocean water there will be as many people as on earth, Vanga said.

Strange prophecies are not very similar to the predictions of a village grandmother from Bulgaria. However, it is reliably known that Vanga never read fiction, and even more so science fiction. She didn’t watch the movie. Where, then, did such amazing pictures of the coming changes come from in her head? The seer took this secret with her to the next world.

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