2019: predictions of astrologers and seers

In this material, less than a month before the new year 2019, we would like to analyze what this year promises for Russia and the planet as a whole, according to the predictions of famous seers of the past and present.

Matrona of Moscow

According to the legendary Matronushka, this year will become a year of crisis and even the spread of the United States of America, which will then be reassembled into a single whole, however, even in a reformatted form, it will remain an object of suspicion and dislike of most countries of the globe. In addition, the former world hegemon, who poisoned everything around with negativity for many decades, jute natural and climatic disasters.

Europe is waiting for discord, strengthening of separatist movements in leading countries and another influx of migrants. Russia, in this period, will grow stronger, overcome internal discords and even be able to come to the aid of Europeans who have fallen into adversity and until recently hostile. In general, Russia will turn its attention to other geopolitical zones, strengthening cooperation with the countries of the CIS, Asia (primarily India and China), Africa and Latin America.

Ukraine will continue to fall into the abyss – “to make pellets out of the earth and eat, that’s what will happen to the inhabitants of Ukraine.” According to Matrona, the thing is that the Ukrainians “are Slavs, but they just don’t want to admit it, this is the root of all the evil and difficulties that will fall on the head of this nation.”


The blind Bulgarian soothsayer believed that in the new year the world would continue to slide into the abyss of instability and disaster. True, as a result, a bad period can become purifying – Vanga said: “The old order will collapse, and it will be replaced by a new one, pleasing to God and man.” Of course, its formation will be impossible without serious upheavals.

Regarding Russia, Vanga traditionally said – and 2019 was not a predictive exception – that our country has a difficult but honorable mission to be one of the most powerful, developing and moving forward, sustainable states, and we will become a true spiritual ark for states that have gone astray . Among the latter, the clairvoyant attributed the whole of Europe, thereby repeating the words of the Russian great blind woman – Matrona. According to Vanga, the Old World, which a few years ago should have turned into a frozen desert (although, perhaps, moral decline was allegorically meant). Russia should also become a guide for Muslim countries, where “people will be divided on the basis of faith …” – and this is really happening in the Middle East,

It will also be difficult to go through political upheavals without loss for reasons of a natural nature – Vanga predicted that “the tired Earth will rebel and kill many people.” Apparently, nature, falling into desolation and decline, will begin to respond to man with a cascade of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tsunamis. For this reason, people of science will urgently have to take on new discoveries and the development of qualitatively new technologies, innovations and methods to normalize the situation. Probably the brightest prediction of Vanga for this period is: “Old age will go away, and people will become like Adam’s children.” The decipherers of the soothsayer’s heritage interpret these words as a promise of a revolution in medicine, thanks to which people will finally gain the ability to prolong not only years of life, but specifically youth.

Wolf Messing

A well-known telepath and hypnotist, a person who personally communicated with Stalin, Messing predicted that during this period there would be a triumvirate of leaders in the world – China, the USA and our country. All of them will oppose each other, with China pretending to be our comrade, and the States, by tradition, openly and aggressively.

Messing promised that domestic designers would invent weapons of unprecedented power, but they would not be used, but they would prove to be a reliable guarantee of stability on the entire planet and put off many military conflicts. Is it not about the weapons that the Russian president demonstrated in 2018 on the eve of the elections?

In 2019, Wolf Messing promised Russia continued economic growth, a gradual but steady increase in the personal well-being of citizens and the level of their cultural and spiritual development. At the end of spring, he foresaw a major fire in Moscow. In addition, he believed that in the fall of 2019, Siberia would be covered by a wave of floods.

With regard to global predictions, Messing usually spoke in a veiled way so as not to shock those who listened to him with future grandiose catastrophes. However, he reported that the planet is waiting for two sunrises and two falls. There will be no full-scale third world war, but there will be a major social revolution, thanks to which the current world order will undergo cardinal changes. Messing believed that in this century the world would experience a series of military conflicts, the purpose of which would be the extermination of some eastern peoples and the redistribution of natural resources. After this, there will be a century-old period of peace and tranquility in all corners of the globe. But in a hundred years, the worst human vices of the leaders of different countries will cause world upheavals, as a result of which the peoples will nominate new leaders for themselves who will be able to turn the tide for the better.


According to the quatrains of the famous French soothsayer, which he left almost every year, in 2019 the Old World will be enveloped in intense heat, which, in turn, will cause drought and fires. High air temperature in summer will become a catalyst for widespread forest fires and other serious consequences.

There will be no big changes in the global economy. The financial situation in the leading countries of the world will remain without much transformation. Nostradamus believed that in 2019 there were several meaningful meetings of the first persons of world powers, thanks to which one could count on some stabilization of the international situation.

The deciphered quatrains of the great astrologer indicate that unusual battles await humanity in the near future. Most likely, the predictor meant cyber attacks and information wars, which are gaining momentum every year. Literally, the predictions of Michel Nostradamus for 2019 say that “the word will be sharper than the sword.” For the whole world and Russia, this means that there will be no full-scale wars with the use of military equipment, but an underground attack is coming with the help of the media and the World Wide Web. The French alchemist predicted that Europe would be overwhelmed by a wave of Muslim extremism. Unrest in large countries, such as the UK and Germany, is already evidence of the dissatisfaction of the indigenous population with the migration policy of the government and the undermining of Christian values ​​in favor of Islam. Nostradamus claimed

According to some scientists, the quatrains of the great Frenchman regarding 2019 contain hints of the end of the world. Just this year there will be another parade of planets, which takes place every twenty years. On November 28, 2019, the entire solar system will circle the galactic axis, and this is a rather dangerous cosmic phenomenon that can lead to changes in the temperature regime on Earth and fluctuations in the magnetic field around it. Behind this rare phenomenon, other destructive phenomena will follow in a chain: hot weather will suddenly and abruptly be replaced by severe frosts; Red Book animals and rare plants will gradually wither and die out; long dormant volcanoes will come to life, and the sky will be impenetrably black from clouds of ash; a variety of countries will be subjected to severe hurricanes and tornadoes; large bodies of water will begin to rapidly shallow and dry up. However, other scientists are skeptical about such interpretations of quatrains about 2019. They believe that the next parade of planets will pass without excesses, like other cosmic phenomena.

Regarding Russia and its prospects, Nostradamus believed that our country, which he called either Tartaria, then Russia, or the northern land, would become the starting point of the world religious revival. Russia will step by step regain its lost positions in world politics. She will get a galaxy of politicians of a new generation, talented and patriotic. The trust of the people in the authorities will be maximum. Harmony and mutual understanding will come between ordinary people and the ruling class.

The beginning of the transformation of the country will be the new legislation and the improvement of the economy. Permanent positive growth promises to be not only in the sphere of production and culture, but also in the agro-industrial sector. Quatrains of Nostradamus for 2019 for Russia, in addition, promises to improve the quality of the Russians themselves, physical and spiritual. Instead of material, pragmatic and consumer priorities, Russians will begin to strive for spiritual and moral growth. Things will start to improve in the sports sector as well. At the same time, Nostradamus predicted strong natural disasters for Eurasia, and Russia, of course, this also applies. But at the same time, Russia will suffer less than the rest, and Europeans will be drawn to its borders for salvation from disasters.

As for wars, especially the Ukrainian question, we should wait for a lull for the time being. The power in Ukraine will change after the elections, and there will be some warming of bilateral relations.

Pavel Globa

Globa believes that Russia has chosen the right path of development, which in the future will lead to a leading position in world politics and the economy. But specifically in 2019, this will be very far away. On the contrary, because of the existing internal problems, one should expect popular unrest and riots. According to the astrologer, they can be avoided only by canceling tax changes and stopping attacks on the social rights of citizens. Globa believes that the government will eventually realize this simple truth, and then in a few years we can expect new economic growth, the strengthening of the ruble and a reduction in unemployment. Finally, it will be possible to get out of the crisis only by the end of the 2030s.

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