Predictions about the future of mankind from Raymond Kurzweil

For reference, Raymond Kurzweil is the CTO of Google Corporation. He is one of the most talented scientists of our time and has 20 doctoral degrees to his credit.

One of his occupations is predictions, which are based on mathematical calculations.

According to the scientist:

  • in the near future people will be turned into robots;
  • such concepts as illness and old age will no longer exist;
  • The earth will be ruled by one government.

and this is only a small part of his predictions regarding earthlings.

Raymond Kurzweil’s predictions that have already come true

In 1990, Kurzweil published a book with predictions for the future.

In it he said:

  1. The victory of the computer over the best chess player on the planet. Let’s remember 1997, when G. Kasparov lost to a computer.
  2. The world will absorb the Internet at the beginning of the XXI century. He also talked about wireless connection to the global network.
  3. The collapse of the Soviet Union.

In 1999, another book by Kurzweil was published:

In it he predicted:

  1. virtual reality glasses;
  2. the emergence of software, thanks to which it will be possible to control equipment by voice.

Predictions for the future

Technique will develop by leaps and bounds.

  • Starting next year, so-called nanobots will be implanted into humans.
  • Human nutrition will also change and be nanobot;
  • Obsolete organs will be replaced by cybernetic ones;
  • The human body is slowly moving into a non-biological state. Special devices will be implanted into it, with the help of which people will forget about diseases and old age forever.
  • Around 2030, virtual reality will no longer be distinguished from real life.
  • A person will not be able to drive cars, they will do it on their own, thanks to which accidents and victims on the roads will disappear;
  • In 10 years, artificial intelligence will surpass human;
  • In 20 years, computer thinking will exceed the abilities of the most gifted person on the planet by several times.
  • The earth will be ruled by one government and our planet will be like one huge computer.

Yes, I agree with many, it can all be considered from the realm of fantasy. But, you see, the same thing happened in 1990 when Raymond Kurzweil spoke about the Internet and about the victory of a computer over a person.

So everything is possible. Wait and see.

Happy New Years to you my dear readers!

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