Prophecies from the Kolbrin Bible about the future of mankind

All people know about the numerous predictions made by such great prophets as Vanga, Nostradamus and Messing, but few people know about the Kolbrin Bible. These scriptures, which were created as far back as 1500 years before our era, tell about things that have happened and are happening to the present. Many people consider these scriptures to be a kind of warning for all mankind.

It is difficult to say who was the author of this amazing book. Most are inclined to believe that the texts were written by the astrologers of Egypt, who had secret knowledge about what awaits humanity as a whole.

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the scriptures. Only a small part of the manuscripts has survived to our time. Six of them were created in ancient Egypt, while others were written by an unknown Celtic priest.

The book says that there was a flood on the Earth. At the same time, such details and small details are given that are not even mentioned in the Bible. In addition, the Kolbrin Bible speaks of a flood as a natural disaster that arose due to a planetary catastrophe. The classical Bible, as everyone knows, speaks of God’s punishment for sins.

The Kolbrin Bible says that the Destroyer star appeared near our planet at that time. This led to natural disasters that shook the entire Earth.

Later, when the treasures of the pharaohs were plundered, the ancient manuscripts came to the Celtic monks. Somehow they were able to decipher the texts and kept the records as the greatest value.

When Christianity became the main religion, the English clergy burned the abbey, where manuscripts hostile to their religion were kept. Thus, most of the texts of the Egyptian records were lost, along with many other ancient texts.

A small part of the Kolbrin Bible was hidden and came to light only at the beginning of the 18th century. In particular, it says that soon a new catastrophe awaits humanity. Many generations will change until people with evil hearts come, who will search for who knows what, and doubts and fears will bother them. They will have great wealth, but a poor spirit. Then the Destroyer will return again, and the same scenario will repeat itself. The earth will be almost completely destroyed. Few people can endure the hour of testing.

Perhaps these texts are not authentic, but were specially created in order to lure money out of the townsfolk and collectors of antiquities. But how things really are is not known for certain until now.

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