Predictions for 2021 for Russia and the whole world (3 photos)

Each of us would like to look into the future, to lift the veil of what is hidden from our sight and understanding. Only the Creator knows what is destined to go through humanity and each of us individually.

The world is trying to decipher some of the prophecies left behind by some famous soothsayers. Their legacy, written down in manuscripts and personal diaries, is preserved in the world’s great museums and private collections.

Vanga – a blind prophetess of the future

The story of a blind Bulgarian girl who lost her sight during a hurricane is known to almost every person interested in magic. Biographers are sure that the woman’s predictions were sometimes so accurate that they were used more than once by the special services of Bulgaria and the Soviet Union. No one could understand how the blind Bulgarian accumulated the visions and knowledge that she bestowed on visitors, where the voices that sounded inside her came from.

But the fact remains that Vanga was able to do the impossible and penetrate not only the present, but also the future. Her “loud prophecies did not always come true, but most of them awed the eyewitnesses.

Vanga’s forecasts for Russia in 2021

Vanga loved Russia and always received guests from the Soviet Union. In her notes, which Krasemira Stoyanov’s niece kept for many years in good faith, there are transcripts concerning our country in the next century.

After 2020, demographics in our country will have to sag dramatically. In the 1920s, the population of the country will decrease significantly. There are no clarifications on this matter, whether it will be a low birth rate associated with the subsidence of the country’s economy, or natural selection due to natural disasters, the blind woman did not specify. Military conflicts are possible, which form a demographic “pit”. The only thing that the seer indicated for sure is that despite the great human losses, the country will rise and catch up in the next few years.

Predictions for 2021 for Russia and the whole world (3 photos)

Vanga predicted a global militia against Russia due to the annexation of Crimea. According to her, the world will put strong pressure on our country, there will be a barrier to communication and the economy between the world community and the Russian Federation. However, Russia will also survive this period of time, as it will mobilize its internal potential and implement many reforms that have been forgotten for a while.

Significant changes will take place in the political life of the country. Painful transformations and a strong “subsidence” of the economy are possible. Many politicians leave the country forever due to military conflicts.

The future of the world through Vanga’s “eyes”

Vanga predicted great changes in the world associated with natural disasters and climate change. Something terrible will happen in the world, after which it will change and will never be the same. She did not say how this would happen, but a soul-searching would be inevitable.

Terrible changes throughout the world will lead to the fact that on many continents life will disappear almost completely. The consciousness of the people will change, they will unite and a great overpopulation may occur. Russia will play an important role in this as a hospitable hostess and shelter all those in need.

As for old Europe, Vanga’s predictions almost came true. She saw a huge invasion of Europe by people of a different faith. “Crowds of dissidents, pretending to be victims, will become servants of Satan.” Today we have a massive influx of Libyans, Syrians, refugees from the countries of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, who were forced to flee from the actions of radical Islamic groups (ISIS).

America, according to the clairvoyant, will continue trade wars around the world, become the central figure in many interstate conflicts and become the main enemy of mankind in the eyes of the world community. “Passion will destroy the country,” a well-known prophetess said about America. It is impossible not to agree with her opinion.

Nostradamus on the future of the world

The great French oracle named Nostradamus could also make predictions regarding the distant future of Mankind. And the more valuable this information is for modern man. Now it is not interesting to read modern soothsayers, since at their disposal a lot of information and prophecies are often either political or too general. Another thing is the prophecy of a person who lives already in the 16th century.

Michel de Nostradamus had a very interesting biography, since this great man for his era was engaged in several fundamental sciences at once, such as astronomy, medicine, chemistry and astrology.

The predictions of Dr. Nostradamus relate to the most diverse areas of human life at the beginning of the second millennium. He foresaw the appearance on earth of a small freak, apparently a robot. He foresaw the development of artificial intelligence and said that the appearance of terrible freaks would make the whole world shudder.

Predictions for 2021 for Russia and the whole world (3 photos)

Nostradamus predicted the great migration of peoples to the northern continents, the devastation of the southern latitudes due to changes in the poles and, accordingly, climate change. He foresaw that in the 21st century people will think about the frailty of life and begin to appreciate it more than ever. This is connected, according to him, with heavy rains, floods, destruction and disease.

The great scientist mentioned that language barriers would disappear over time and people would begin to live on one continent, that a new race and one religious doctrine would arise. And all this will happen in 2020-23. Researchers of the works of Nostradamus assure that much of what the seer predicted has already come true.


About the life of a modern person, regardless of belonging to a particular country, one cannot say that it is boring. Today we are changing, but it is not yet known in what direction. I would like to hope that humanity will finally understand and realize its insignificance on Earth, stop behaving like an imperious and insane master, and learn to live in harmony with the Universe.

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