Vasquez Alba. Mexican prophet of good for Russia

Antonio Vazquez Alba has the same meaning for Mexico as, for example, the prophet Abel for Russia. Mexico itself is one of the most mysterious countries on the planet. And it is not surprising that there are their own prophets of our time.

So Senor Alba predicted many things that came true. He immediately said that there would be no apocalypse in 2012. Successfully predicted the Iraqi and Syrian wars, said that Trump would become US President.

Now about Russia. The Mexican did not bypass her in his predictions. He stressed that in the foreseeable future it is not threatened by any global cataclysms or disasters. Although economic problems will still exist for some time. Intrigues in the form of sanctions, information warfare and other minor dirty tricks will also continue temporarily. But this is not forever.

The Mexican has always said that the world can be saved by the union of two powers: Russia and the United States. All life would immediately calm down, we would enter a period of peace and piety. However, some more powerful forces do not allow this to come true.

But, no matter what, Russia remains a superpower and will be so in the future. Her sphere of influence will only increase. And all the current “sanctions” only make us stronger.

He said that from 2024 Russia will enter a period of economic and spiritual growth. I really want to believe in these words and finally wait for this bright future.

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