Apocalypse in 2021 – will the world end

Predictions of the end of the world constantly excite the masses. After a difficult 2020, the ranks of predictors of the apocalypse in 2021 were joined by representatives of official science. Scientists believe that the most likely end of all life will be the fall of an asteroid.

Threat from space – dates in 2021

In 2020, there is a threat of natural disasters on the surface of the planet, man-made disasters, viral mutations that can cause epidemics. The famous Isaac Newton analyzed the biblical dates and deduced a formula according to which Armageddon would come in 2060. Modern scientists are alarmed by the weakening of the magnetic poles. The trend towards an accelerated process suggests an earlier time frame. But most of all they are afraid of the trajectories of large asteroids crossing the Earth’s orbit.


According to  NASA , the likelihood of an end is low for the foreseeable future. At the same time, the specifics of astronomical objects should be taken into account: sometimes they can be detected several days or even hours before a potentially dangerous approach. One of the leading directions of the  ESA planetary protection program  is the study and classification of celestial bodies according to the degree of danger they pose.

The main parameters are the size of the asteroid, magnitude, speed and trajectory of movement, the minimum distance in astronomical units (approximately 150,000,000 km), an indicator of less than 0.05 is considered potentially dangerous.

The fall of an asteroid is the likely end of humanity

The list of dangerous “guests” for 2021 is empty, 23 tracked asteroids will fly in a safe orbit. Noise can be made by the ghostly asteroid Apophis: the object either suddenly appears close, or does not appear at the predicted time. Calculations of movements have to be adjusted, because of which he is overgrown with rumors, exaggerations, fantasies.

The unpredictable Apophis inspires creative people, drawings are mixed with photographs, speculation about when the end of the world is with scientific facts. Don Yeomans, curator of the NASA program for the study of near-Earth objects, is convinced that the probability of a collision with Apophis is less than one in a million, nevertheless, observations of the small planet continue.

Nasa Didymos Program

NASA and ESA are sounding the alarm: asteroid 2019-PDC is rushing towards Earth, a collision is imminent, the consequences are comparable to the explosion of megatons of nuclear weapons. Fortunately, the 2019-PDC only existed as part of a large-scale exercise and scenario for a planetary defense conference held in Washington.

  1. A risky, unpredictable, costly way is to explode an object at a safe distance from the Earth. Today, such an experiment is possible only in a blockbuster.
  2. Changed trajectory. A direct impact test is planned for 2024. The super-powerful DART spacecraft will ram the satellite of the minor planet Didim, then scientists will be able to determine how effective such a solution is.
  3. Offsetting a trajectory by a massive spacecraft so that its magnetic field can pull an asteroid into outer space.

Solar Activity

Changes in the composition of the earth’s atmosphere are alarming: the protective functions of the planet’s shell from excess solar activity are weakening. The influence of storms is already negatively affecting the operation of ultra-precise equipment and communication systems. Scientists consider the recent lull in the Sun to be an alarming signal – it may be followed by a super-powerful burst of radiation. A global change in the radiation background and a sharp planetary increase in temperature are possible.

Pole shift

The end of the world in 2021 was announced almost a quarter of a century ago by writer Richard Boylan. The reason was called a sharp inversion of the planet’s magnetic field, that is, the north and south poles will suddenly change places. Now many scientists predict such a possibility and even say that this has happened more than once in the history of the Earth – the last inversion happened 780 thousand years ago. True, they believe that the movement of the poles will be slow, and the north pole will appear in Antarctica only after two thousand years.

The Computer’s Opinion on Armageddon

In 1973, one of the first IT specialists in the world, Jay Forrester, together with researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed a project that was fantastic at that time: a computer model of World One, the purpose of which is nothing less than to predict the future of mankind.

The program delivered an impressive verdict: it predicted the collapse of civilization by 2040. According to a gloomy forecast, among the main causes of the disaster are the irrational management of natural resources, pollution caused by urbanization, overpopulation, which, however, is about to decline due to a deterioration in the quality of life.

It is no coincidence that experts just now decided to remind the world about this study. The World One program marks 2020 as a turning point, after which changes threaten to become irreversible. Some computer predictions are already coming true with frightening accuracy. If humanity takes action, the end of the world is not too late to prevent.

Natural disasters

Flood and drought at the same time – is it possible? Climatologists know that our planet is far from being a safe oasis. Space processes on a universal scale do not bypass it, as evidenced by volcanic and tectonic activity. The result is a rise in sea levels and the melting of Arctic glaciers.

If the salty waters of the oceans overflow their banks, freshwater reserves will become unusable, and the area of ​​​​territories suitable for habitation and agricultural land will significantly decrease. Coastal regions and flat landscapes will be the first to suffer. The flooding of economic and cultural centers will lead to migrations, the conquest of new lands, and the total degradation of mankind.


The leader in the scale of potential activity is the Old Faithful volcano, also known as Yellowstone – in honor of the geyser park of the same name, of which it is the main attraction. On the territory of the caldera there is a crater that has been dormant for more than 600,000 years, while the volcanic system extends far inland and wide. In the mid-2010s, researchers at the German geodetic center GFZ recorded temperature changes and increased tremors of the supervolcano.

Scientists do not deny that the next eruption can occur any day. The consequences of the explosion of the giant will make themselves felt on all continents. A volcanic winter will come: a cataclysm comparable to an ice age. Massive ash emissions into the atmosphere will block access to the sun’s rays, the cultivation of crops will have to be forgotten for at least a few years. Perhaps this was what Vanga had in mind, prophesying a cold and empty Europe?

human actions


Not all genetic engineering products are created equal, New Zealand researchers Matt Boyd and Nick Wilson believe. Vibrant activity of modified microorganisms is not comparable with their size.

Out of control colonies of fungal mold and viruses, which are created faster than the antidote for them, can provoke a large-scale pandemic.

For an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant pneumonia, a previously unknown disease, a few specimens that escaped from the laboratory are enough. An emergency invention of an antidote or isolation can save you from a minor misfortune. The island states of Iceland and the birthplace of scientists – New Zealand are recognized as relatively safe.


The famous scientist Stephen Hawking has repeatedly warned humanity about artificial intelligence. The uprising of robots that have exceeded their powers and excessively smart military equipment may turn out not to be the plot of another super-action movie, but a fatal reality. People, do not even dream of winning this battle, at best, someone will be able to survive and become the founder of the next civilization.

Some futurologists propose to return to the production of weapons of the past generation, irreproachably subordinate to man. Tensions in geopolitics have existed for a long time. The world is teetering on the brink of disaster, threatening to break at any moment. Relations between the countries have heated up. Skirmishes constantly arise on the borders of states that were previously good neighbors.

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, published in the British edition of the Daily Star, the war will begin in 2021 and will last 27 years. The process will start the acts of terror 2020 in Europe, then spread to other parts of the world.

The contradictions are laid down directly in the collection of quatrains “Centuries”, published back in 1555. It contains a stanza that, the starting point will be an earthquake and volcanic eruptions (presumably in Yellowstone). But before that, people will learn to understand the language of animals and face a pestilence of bees. Part of the prophecy has already come true: scientists have deciphered the language of orangutans.

Mayan calendar error

What did the Maya write about the day of the end of the world:

“Nine will rise in sorrow … When on the dark sea I (the god of war) will be exalted in a bowl of fire, for that generation the day of dried fruit will come. Then it will rain. The face of the sun will be extinguished by a great storm.”

“In the last days of binding a bunch of thirteen katuns on 4 Ahau … these earthly valleys will come to an end. For these katuns there will be no priests and no one who believes in his government without doubt… I retell you the words of the true gods when they come.”

The ancient Mayan calendar was built on impeccable astronomical calculations and higher knowledge. Even modern people are surprised by the accuracy of his predictions. The prophecies about the collapse of a powerful state, plague, famine, the Spanish invasion came true. Therefore, the world was anxiously waiting for 2012, when, according to the calendar, the end of the world will occur. However, at the hour “X” the sun continued to shine over the world.

According to British researchers, the Mayan calendar did not end on December 21, 2012. If we follow the calculations transferred to the Gregorian, and not the Julian calendar, we will get the day of the apocalypse 12/21/2021.

Or maybe not. Perhaps on this date one cycle of the chronology simply ends and a new one begins. Otherwise, how to explain the inscription on the walls of the ancient pyramid in the city of Palenque with a distinct inscription indicating October 21, 4772?

Doomsday Psychics

Not a single prophecy about the end of the world is complete without references to famous mystics and fortune-tellers. Even in the Bible there are descriptions of the arrival of the messengers of the Apocalypse, however, without reference to the exact date.


Ufologists associate the end of the world-2020 with the planet Nibiru and Vanga’s prophecy. Researchers are at a loss as to where the little-studied celestial body got three satellites. According to one hypothesis, these are fragments of the planet itself.

Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring believes that Nibiru has the ability to attract cosmic bodies, it is possible that the ballast will affect its trajectory. Based on his own calculations, the researcher fears a collision with the Earth.

Evangelist Paul Begley

An American preacher, a modern clairvoyant, claims that the end of the world will be postponed until May 26, 2021. Then an interesting weather phenomenon is expected – the blood moon. This fact is noted in Holy Scripture as one of the harbingers of the Apocalypse: “The sun will turn into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.” However, Begley’s predictions are very cautious. It is not categorical, but emphasizes the possibility of a catastrophe.

Scientists say that the blood moon appears in the sky about once every three years. This happens when the Sun illuminates our natural satellite when it is in the planet’s shadow. Therefore, you should not expect God’s punishment.

The date of the apocalypse is hidden in the Torah

The great Isaac Newton was convinced that the Bible is a God-created cryptogram, the solution of which will shed light on many future events. The scientist spent 50 years of his life deciphering the texts of the Old Testament in order to determine the date of the end of the world.

Many people are still engaged in the mathematical solution of the Torah code. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson said that the code he identified made it possible to detect the phrase “atomic Iran” in the 3000-year-old text and isolate the year 5780, according to the traditional Jewish calendar, which corresponds to the modern 2021. Also, according to information released by EXHRESS, the rabbi said that 2021 is defined in the Bible as the time of the Apocalypse. Unfortunately, Glazerson will no longer be able to personally verify his discovery. He died shortly after publication.

Talking about whether the end of the world will come in 2021 is endless. This is not the first decade when soothsayers predicted the destruction of civilization and the end of the existence of mankind. It wasn’t always related to the prophecies themselves. Much more often their interpreters were mistaken. Do not forget the journalists, for whom the subject of catastrophic events has always been beneficial – after all, it significantly raises the ratings of any media. The editors of Grimuar.ru advise you to continue to be human, regardless of the annual prediction of the doomsday.

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