Mysterious prophecies of the monk Basil of Monaco about the fate of Russia

This is one of the most mysterious Russian prophets. Information about him appeared on the Russian-language Internet, thanks to the book by the Italian writer Renzo Baschero about the fate of St. Petersburg. Prophet Basil was a Russian monk born in the middle of the 17th century. This manuscript with his predictions was secretly taken to Europe.

What did this man say? Of course, most of the predictions are more like fairy tales, but I have highlighted the most interesting points from them that echo the prophecies of other famous soothsayers.

1. The emergence of a new “terrible star.” Perhaps we are talking about the mystical Nibiru, and perhaps about another cosmic object, but the predictions say that “forests will burn from its ominous light.” Then this star will retire to a safe distance or stop negatively affecting our planet. It would seem that good times will come, but the trials of humanity, already fairly thinned, will not end there.

2. The moon will darken. Something will happen that will provoke a life of people in isolation … in the catacombs. Numerous wars will begin. The world will be divided into 5 parts. The landscape will change significantly – not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

According to the monk Vasily Monaco, the Black Sea will be at the Urals, and the Caspian will rise to the height of the Volga. At the same time, many new rivers and mountains will appear, many will disappear . And it is from there, from the mountains, and not from the water, that the new humanity will emerge. Grace will be born in the Urals.

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