Vanga’s predictions for Russia and the world for 2021

Vanga is a Bulgarian soothsayer who gained fame and recognition all over the world thanks to her unique gift of predicting the future. Let’s try to figure out what predictions the famous seer made for Russia and the world as a whole for 2021.

Vanga (Vangeliya Surcheva) was born on January 31, 1911 in the small Bulgarian town of Strumitsa in a family of farmers. Soon the girl’s mother died, and the widowed father remarried. In 1923, the family ran into financial difficulties and was forced to move to the village of Novo Selo in Macedonia. It was there that an event occurred that, according to experts, contributed to Vanga’s extrasensory abilities.

One day, Vangelia, who was walking with her cousins, was picked up by a hurricane that suddenly began. The strongest wind threw the girl several hundred meters and filled her eyes with sand. There was no money for treatment in the family, and soon Vanga became completely blind. However, having lost her sight, the girl began to hear voices in her head telling her about people she did not know and future events.

Initially, Vangelia hid her new gift from others. However, during the Second World War, she began to help her fellow villagers find their loved ones who had disappeared at the front. Rumors about the blind girl’s unique abilities quickly spread around the area. Therefore, after the end of the war, pilgrims began to come to the house of the seer not only from different parts of the country, but also from other states.

According to a number of biographers, Vanga’s activities were controlled by the special services of the USSR and Bulgaria throughout her life. Employees of these units received important information from the assistants of the prophetess about the people who turned to her. Vanga died in 1996.

Unfulfilled prophecies

Most of the predictions given by Vanga came true. However, among her predictions were erroneous. So, for example, the soothsayer argued that:

  • • in 2010 a nuclear war will start;
  • • in the first decade of the 21st century, the rulers of the 4 most influential world powers will perish;
  • • in 2011 all living organisms in northern latitudes will die out;
  • • In 2016, people will no longer be able to live in Europe.

A number of researchers believe that Vanga herself made mistakes in making forecasts. However, there are those who claim that inaccuracies appeared due to a misinterpretation of the prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant.

Predictions for 2021 for Russia

Vanga always spoke warmly about Russia and the people living in it. However, the forecast made by her for the Russian Federation for 2021 was disappointing. In particular, the Bulgarian soothsayer claimed that in the year of the Metal Ox:

  • • the population of Russia will be significantly reduced;
  • • there will be a “world militia on Russian lands”, which with a high degree of probability meant the strengthening of Western sanctions.

In addition, Vanga believed that after 2021 Russia would become a refuge for millions of people who would suffer from natural disasters in various parts of our planet.

Predictions for 2021 for the rest of the world

Vanga considered the invasion of Muslims to be the greatest danger for European countries at the beginning of the 21st century. The seer believed that the Gentiles who arrived in Europe from Libya, Syria and other Asian and African states would provoke conflicts that would later develop into bloody wars.

Vanga spoke little about the future of America. The Bulgarian seer believed that by 2020-2021 the United States would unleash trade wars with most countries in the world (including China). Such actions will cause a deterioration in the economic and political situation within the country.

Vanga’s following statement is widely known: “Old age will destroy America.” Modern experts believe that the Bulgarian seer was referring to the current US President Donald Trump and the unpopular decisions he makes.

Whether or not to believe the predictions that Vanga left for the year of the Metal Ox, everyone decides for himself. However, given the high accuracy of the prophecies of the Bulgarian soothsayer, it is short-sighted to leave them unattended.

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