Predictions of Athos elders about Putin and Russia

According to the data provided by the elders of Athos, the fate of Russia will be directly connected with the military events initiated by the Jews, who will try to destroy Orthodoxy in Greece. The Russians will not leave the Greeks in a difficult moment, having come to their aid, together they will create a powerful force that even NATO and the USA cannot resist.

The number of those who died during the battles will be huge, but as a result, the role of Orthodoxy in the world will increase, there will be a surge in this confession. Anyone who tries to prevent this will be punished.

Grace will come to Russia precisely through the revival of Orthodoxy, people will reach out to God with open hearts, as it was in the first centuries. It will be so for several decades, until the era of the dictatorship of the Antichrist comes. It is interesting that, despite the fact that the Russians, according to the predictions of the elders, are waiting for such terrible events, they should not lose heart, as the truth says, “The Lord will not leave His own.”

The forecast for Putin’s rule, presented in 2017, did not come true. According to him, the “king” did not have long to rule, only two years, after which he had to leave the throne with great shame.

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