Interview with the Initiate about Russia and its future

Again, I give in the form of an interview for a better understanding of the text. Predictions come in the form of symbols and, as it were, abstractly, but I will explain. It is impossible in such cases to complete a thought, so that a closure does not happen, a completed thought is exhaustible, an unfinished one develops forever by any person who has shown interest. After reading, each person is already a participant and with the creator, therefore I propose to be responsible or not to read further.

— What is happening on Earth in a global sense?

– I see wolves and jackals everywhere, growling, but they do not come up.

– Where do they not fit?

– To a big mountain with a snow-white peak, so big that sometimes the top is hidden behind the clouds. This is Russia! Stop … they destroy the foundation.

There was silence.

– What basis?

– That’s what, trouble threatens the Earth, big trouble, brown clouds cover the sun.

– And what? .. you explain in more detail.

– When is the launch of the project – “Granit-3M”? – he answered himself , – in three years, but he will not be. Need to do something.

— What-oh?

– The foundations of the state are crumbling, all over the Earth, avalanches come down from the mountains. There is a project for the salvation of Russia, but it will not be due to betrayal within and external influence.

– And what to do?

There was silence, an oppressive silence, a kind of sick silence.

“That’s good, we know, so we are armed, and we assumed such a development of events.

And again there was silence.

The Initiate smiled.

– Let’s talk about what Russia is in the Highest, what is its symbolic image

We’ll talk, but you tell me what will happen.

– First, about Russia. Symbols of Russia – Earth, snowdrop, birch, bear and Man (family), Na-in-na – Yaro-Light in the highest. Russia is losing its symbols, it is necessary to return

– How?

– In Russia, the basis is lost, which is the earth that feeds, clothes, warms. Little attention to the Person (family), which has always been the prerogative of the development of Russia, but …

– But what?

– Let’s see. Russia is protected from external influences, it can only be destroyed from within, but there is a republic that is protected from both external and internal influences, this is Belarus, a good force comes from there, we must save it.

With the first snowdrops, the avalanches of evil lose their strength, the birch will sprinkle Russia with the juice of life, the awakening of the bear will herald the dawn, the spring of the eternal birth of life, which in Russia will sprout in every family.

– And yet I do not understand what will happen, and at the expense of the Earth, such passions, what is it?

– Version of events or one of the versions, the most probable at the present moment of life.

– And everything is so bad? .. and you are so calm?

– I will give a small footnote about the completion, everything has already been determined, but pay attention, for a modern person everything is allegorical.

The maiden woke up, looked wildly:

– What was it?

– Your essence is in Russia, the essence of a woman. Who you really are.

From myself I will add, judging by the prediction of the prophets, it is not the tsar who goes to Russia, but a woman, as a symbol of life, as its basis.

All of the above is written in allegorical form, but I note that only those who are ready for this, not ready, will understand, pass by, or stop the streams of thoughts and you will see everything in an instant of life. This is necessary so that help comes at a difficult moment.

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