Top 5 predictions about the future of Russia (5 photos)

People always want to know about the future of the country in which they live, about the future rulers of the state. Many famous seers – Nostradamus, Vanga, Monk Abel – unanimously repeated that after a period of unrest, Russia would flourish.

What do other predictors say?

Maria Duval

Top 5 predictions about the future of Russia (5 photos)

French soothsayer and astrologer, Marie Duval, says:

Global depression awaits everyone. But Russia is destined for a very good fate – it is she who will be the first to emerge from the dusk. Russia will get back on its feet, get a strong and strong army, will always develop and even lend money to many states. From 2014, a rapid rate of wealth growth will begin, so that soon almost every Russian will have the same income, which will bypass the income of the average European. However, to become powerful, this power will have to fight.

Maria Duval is convinced that humanity will receive a new world, where new inventions will be created, medicines for old age, life expectancy will be about 140 years. And the main role in this will be played by Russian scientists and researchers.


Top 5 predictions about the future of Russia (5 photos)

The Italian clairvoyant assures that Russia has a future that no one can expect. Russia will initiate the rebirth of the world. It will be an event that cannot be imagined. The provinces will come to life, cities will appear on the periphery.

The level of development will be so high – there is not a single state like it. Other states will follow Russia. And the usual Western way will be replaced by a new, specifically Russian way.

Jane Dixon

Top 5 predictions about the future of Russia (5 photos)

Cataclysms and natural disasters will least affect Russia, and especially Siberia. Therefore, the path of powerful and rapid development will be opened for Russia. That fearful, but still confident Hope of Peace and Revival will come from Russia.

Denton Brinki

The American makes an important note: “Pay all attention to Russia: whichever way this country will go, so will soon the whole world.”

Valeria Koltsova

Top 5 predictions about the future of Russia (5 photos)

Since 2009, a large-scale economic crisis will begin to mature, America will get the most: the dollar will begin to depreciate, and soon it will become a completely useless piece of paper. Its place in the oil trade will be replaced by the Russian ruble, which will become the single world currency. Even the euro will already begin to lose its positions.

America will begin to live through the times of a terrible tsunami, people will begin to panic, strive to move faster. Gradually, the coast of North America and Western Europe will go to the bottom of the ocean.

What prophecies do you know?

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