Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2020: the seer spoke about Russia, Europe and the USA

Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2020 for Russia were published on the Web. It is difficult for a simple person to understand the words of the seer, but they were interpreted and translated into a simple language understandable to everyone. In her messages, Matrona warns Russians about troubles and asks them not to become attached to the material.

Ordinary people are looking for a hint of war, diseases, such as coronavirus, in Matrona’s words, or, on the contrary, they are trying to find something that will calm them down for the coming years. However, it is worth noting that her prophecies can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore, everyone is looking for their own in them.

Prediction of the Matrona of Moscow for Russia for 2020

The seer spoke a lot about what would happen on Earth in the future. Today, there are many predictions on the Web that refer specifically to the Matrona of Moscow, but no one knows if this is so.

There are claims that she talked a lot about Russia. The words cannot be attributed to a specific year, but each time they say that these prophecies refer to the present time. For example, in 2019 they wrote that everything said will come true this year, in 2020 they write the same thing.

Matrona said that people would not die from war. She also warned that there would be many victims. These words can be attributed to what is happening now in the world, including in Russia. However, earlier interpreters of her words believed that there might be some natural disasters.

The seer said that it would be disastrous for Russia if people discarded the spiritual and paid more attention to material values. She called to truly believe in God, otherwise the result would be deplorable.

Prophecies of the Matrona of Moscow for the whole world for 2020

It is generally accepted that Matrona predicted various events in Europe and the USA. The interpreters of her words believe that in many countries at one moment everything will be different, the world will change.

Europe, which is an ally of the US, will stop paying attention to Washington. Many believe that, according to predictions, this will happen between 2020 and 2025. It is reported that Matrona allegedly spoke about the collapse of the European Union. However, it is not known exactly why this will happen.

Russia was mentioned in European predictions. The seer was sure that a coalition would be formed, led by Moscow. It will include all the countries of the former USSR. However, the most interesting thing is that Europe will gradually join it. America will remain alone with itself and will no longer be the superpower that it was before.

If we talk about the economy, financial improvement around the world will not begin until 2040. Today, one should not count on a financial recovery, including in Russia.

The predictions of the Matrona of Moscow are used for political purposes

Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2020: the seer spoke about Russia, Europe and the USA

Many people are trying to turn to the words of visionaries in order to understand what awaits Russia in the future. Now it is difficult to understand where the real predictions of Matrona are on the Internet, and where is fiction. Much has already been written and everywhere it is stated that Matrona said this.

To date, the alleged words of Matrona are often associated with politics. Often they look for what she said about Putin, what will happen to the Russian economy and stuff like that. The most interesting thing is that the seer did not say anything about the current president, but on the Web you can find many different statements, the authors of which claim that Matrona speaks specifically about Putin in them.

They also write about the conflict in Russia, that it will allegedly end in 2020. And even despite the fact that it is not there, the authors of such messages are still trying to justify themselves, stating that the conflict may mean disagreement between citizens and authorities in terms of pension reform. Now they even tied it all to the coronavirus.

In fact, Matrona never talked about politics. She sincerely believed in God and urged people to do the same, so that there would be no trouble in the future, when images disappear from houses and people stop praying. She urged to do everything to prevent this from happening.

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