6 most terrible predictions for Russia

Many well-known soothsayers at one time made prophecies about the fate of Russia. Some of them are literally terrifying. Who are the authors of the most terrible prophecies about our country?

Michel Nostradamus

It is believed that the famous French astrologer and seer Nostradamus predicted the Patriotic War of 1812, the October Revolution, and perestroika. He allegedly prophesied the arrival of Hitler (he called him Gister), the beginning of World War II and specifically the Great Patriotic War. The latter, as you know, began shortly after archaeologists opened the tomb of Tamerlane in Samarkand.

“Close, close the East, the doors of the East, for a black shadow is moving from the West! Nostradamus warned. “The bones of the open tomb threaten the world with contagion. Two years will pass, and this plague will roll back.

The war, as you know, began in 1941. But only two years later, Soviet troops managed to force the Nazis to retreat. The turning point was the Battle of Stalingrad.


One of the most famous Russian seers is the monk Abel. Once Emperor Paul I met him and asked him to predict his fate. The prediction was sad: “Your reign will be short. On Sophronius of Jerusalem from unfaithful servants you will accept a martyr’s death, in your bedchamber you will be strangled by the villains whom you warm on your royal chest.

In addition, Abel prophesied to the king that after his death, his son Alexander would inherit the throne, and after him another son, Nikolai, whose beginning of reign would “turn into a rebellion.” In predictions, he also reached the great-grandson of Nicholas II, to whom he predicted martyrdom.

Grigory Rasputin

The “holy devil,” as his ill-wishers called him, foresaw the First World War, the revolution, and his own death. At the end of 1916, he wrote to the tsar: “I feel that I will die before January 1st. If I am killed by ordinary murderers and my fellow peasants, you are the Tsar of Russia, you will not have to be afraid for your children. They will reign for many more centuries. But if the nobles, aristocrats, destroy me, if they shed my blood, then their hands will be stained with my blood for twenty-five years, and they will leave Russia. Brother will rise on brother. They will hate and kill each other. King of the Russian land, if you hear the ringing of a bell that tells you that Grigory has been killed, know that one of yours arranged my death and none of you, none of your children, will live more than two years.

Alas, the prediction came true. The young prince Felix Yusupov, married to the niece of Nicholas II, planned to kill a temporary worker, who, from his point of view, had a criminal influence on the royal family, which could lead the empire to death and disintegration. The tsar’s cousin Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, State Duma deputy Vladimir Purishkevich and doctor Stanislav Lazovert became accomplices in the murder.

Seraphim Vyritsky

In 1939, the Monk Seraphim Vyritsky wrote the poem “Thunderstorm over the Russian Land”, in which he described the devastation of churches and the persecution of Orthodoxy that took place during the Great Patriotic War.

Years later, Orthodoxy will return, Father Seraphim promised, but there will be many who will reject the Orthodox faith, which will lead to strife among the people. Taking advantage of civil strife, the Chinese will cunningly take away from Russia vast territories from Siberia to the Urals. The cause of the apocalypse will not be nuclear conflicts at all, but an information war, because of which “brother will turn against brother.”

Matrona of Moscow

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that Saint Matrona supposedly predicted the end of the world in 2017. Humanity will perish because of global armed conflicts. But even before that, the persecution of Christians will begin, many will have to choose between the cross and bread.

Those who reject the divine faith will be possessed by evil spirits, who will force the apostates to riot and kill each other. This will lead to the Apocalypse.

Vangelia Dimitrova

The famous Bulgarian seer Vanga at one time allegedly proclaimed: “Kursk will go under water, and the whole world will mourn it!” Everyone decided that we were talking about the Russian city of Kursk. But the city turned out to have nothing to do with it, although the tragedy really happened in Russia: in 2000, the Kursk submarine was lost, which caused a resonance all over the world.

Most predictors predicted many difficulties for our country, but almost everyone agrees on one thing: Russia is waiting for a spiritual revival, and sooner or later it will lead the whole world.

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