What will happen to Russia in the 21st century? Futurologists’ forecasts until 2090 (3 photos)

It is always interesting what will happen in the future. In 20, 50, 100 years. There is a special science of futurology, which deals with forecasting the future. The forecasts of futurologists do not always come true, but, nevertheless, their opinion is always of interest. This post contains several popular futurological cases from Western and domestic futurologists. Frankly, many of the predictions at the moment look too fantastic. But who knows, who knows…

2035 year. Russia will lose Siberia

Unfortunately, this forecast is quite common. And it is by no means connected with the aggression of China. No, the scenario is quite peaceful, it’s all about simple math. The vast territories of Siberia and the Far East are occupied by only about 25 million Russians. The demographic challenges are clear and growing. At the same time, Chinese migration (legal and illegal) is taking place at a consistently high level. It is likely that the time will come when the number of ethnic Chinese in Siberia and the Far East will exceed a critical figure. Of course, they will defend their political rights, be elected to local self-government bodies, and so on. As a result, this territory will be more dependent on China than on Russia. I would very much like to avoid this scenario, but this requires cardinal measures for the socio-economic development of Siberia and the Far East.

2040. Russia will become an agricultural superpower

There is also an interesting prediction. With the planet’s population growing at an ultra-fast pace and food scarce, agriculture will be of particular value. In Russia, Canada, and Scandinavian countries, agriculture is not in such decline as in most other countries. This means that in the future the role of Russia, with its vast territory and agricultural potential, will only grow. In addition, probably by 2040 water will become the most valuable resource of mankind. And Russia is the second country in the world in terms of water reserves.

2050 year. Russia vs Turkey

A huge number of wars between Russia and Turkey, as futurologists predict, will find a new response in the 21st century. By 2050, the population of these countries should equalize, and Turkey’s revanchist sentiments may come out. In principle, there has already been a conflict between our countries in the 21st century. But futurologists predict more serious collisions. And not only futurologists, but also, for example, elders. Here is one of the prophecies of the elder of Athos, the Monk Paisius the Holy Mountaineer: “It will fall apart, and the states that play a decisive role in world politics will give Constantinople to us. They will do this not because they love us, but because God will arrange everything in such a way that it will be beneficial for them that Constantinople be Greek. Spiritual laws will work. The Turks will have to pay for what they have done, they will die, because they occupied this land without the blessing of God. Their end is near.”

2055 year. Russia in space travel

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about the very deplorable prospects for Russia in space. However, professional futurologists believe that by the middle of the century our country will be able to become one of the leaders in space tourism. Russia today, although it does not claim to be a leader in space, is actively involved in the development of tourist space programs in partnership with Japan, France and Germany.

What will happen to Russia in the 21st century? Futurologists' forecasts until 2090 (3 photos)

2060 year. Tornadoes

Quite an important and unbanal forecast. According to scientists, seasonal tornadoes in Russia in 50 years will become commonplace, and their number can be counted in the hundreds. Blame it on global warming.

2070 year. Conscript robots

By this year, Russia must completely renew its army. Almost all types of troops will be robotized. The biggest change can be expected in the Air Force: military aircraft will become completely autonomous from the moment they take off to the moment they land. Aircraft (as well as ground vehicles) will be controlled by artificial intelligence.

What will happen to Russia in the 21st century? Futurologists' forecasts until 2090 (3 photos)

2090 year. total atheism

According to futurologists, by the end of the century, the number of atheists in Russia will be 80%. Moreover, this will affect not only the Orthodox population, but people representing the Islamic tradition. The reason for such a sharp loss of faith, according to scientists, will be progress in the field of biotechnology and medicine, which will defeat many diseases and extend life.

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