It looks like humanity is approaching Armageddon. Signs of the Antichrist

Today, the future of our planet is at stake. The human race and the survival of man as a species is threatened by leading states.

Five-year-olds are given a choice of gender and race…

Facebook offers 58 genders for registration

various types of gender. Male or female is no longer the norm

Now there is an infinite number of genders.

In the leading foreign countries, basic documents have been prepared that oblige on a legislative basis to oblige the introduction of different, hitherto unknown sexes.

Who needs to introduce deliberately false information into our brain?

Recall that in the Garden of Eden, the devil inspired the first people with the idea that through knowledge they would receive something more than just a boring stay in Paradise.

Therefore, even now we substitute love for God — the Creator and God in ourselves and succumb to the satisfaction of carnal whims.

As a result, having listened to the devil, we did not become Gods, but we received the aging gene and the impossibility to live forever.

And then the Great One followed, and all because the people succumbed to the promises of the fallen angels and succumbed to sheer gluttony and depravity. In order to change human nature, people copulated with the fallen Angles in order to acquire beauty and a penetrating mind. As a result, the human gene pool was completely polluted.

The Flood destroyed everyone, leaving alive those whom he chose.

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