Prophecies from the Devil’s Bible

Since ancient times, people have wanted to know their future and turned to those who, in their opinion, could predict it. At all times and among all peoples, there were their soothsayers, no matter how they were called: sorcerers, prophets, priests, sorcerers.

Historians have different opinions about when the first soothsayers appeared. Some say that the Egyptian priests were the first, others that the Irish Druids, and still others attribute the origin of the prophecies to the times of the semi-mythical Atlantis.

In the city of Kutna Hora, which is located in the Czech Republic, there is a strange chapel. During its construction, the bones of people who died during the plague were massively used. The epidemic attacked the town very unexpectedly, all other nearby villages were not affected. Local residents thought that the whole thing was in a terrible book that was kept in the city. This book was the so-called “Devil’s Bible”, an enormous book published in the early 13th century.

Unfortunately, all the pages of the terrible book have not survived to this day. Some of them have been lost. It is believed that it is on the lost pages that the predictions made by the devil himself are contained. Only a few of these pages have survived to this day. The book talks about three attempts that the Germanic peoples will make to take over the world. In addition, there are lines that tell about the coming of a tyrant, who will be supported by Satan himself, but, despite the support, he will be stopped by the northern peoples. According to the interpretations, it was considered that it was about Adolf Hitler.

As you know, as a result, the Germans tried three times to capture the whole world. The first was Charlemagne, and then there were two World Wars, which were largely started and unleashed by the Germans. By the way, it was the Germans, as they say, that the ancient Roman curse fell on. According to this ancient curse, the German peoples will never be able to unite as one. The curse was given after the destruction of the Roman Empire, in which the German peoples spoke the main word. As you can see from the story, the curse works great. Germany united throughout history only for a short time, soon, breaking up into small or not very parts. Even now, when it would seem that Germany is whole and indivisible, part of the historical German lands is not included in the German state. Thus, the old Roman curse continues to operate, despite the long time that has passed since it was applied.

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