Vanga predicted misfortune to the enemies of Russia

The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant half a century ago knew what awaited Ukraine, and predicted an unenviable fate for those who would take up arms against Russia.

Vanga’s prophecy : “I see the dead, I see catastrophes. Sometimes there are so many of them and they move so fast that I don’t have time to tell.”

Vanga knew that the fifth president of Ukraine would declare war on heaven, starting a new church.

Vanga’s prophecy : “A person cannot change what is written in Heaven. It happens sooner or later.”

The soothsayer knew that this ruler would bring much suffering to ordinary people.

Vanga’s prophecy : “Peoples have their own path, which they must go through. As they pass it, God rewards them. But there are those who are punished.”

But Vanga was firmly convinced that in the end Ukraine would be able to return to peace.

Vanga’s prophecy : “The time will come, and this truth will be revealed that there is a God! The truth is within you humans, but you don’t know where to look.”

This search for truth, according to Vanga, can be too expensive.

Vanga’s prophecy : “Many people will die! There will be hunger, there will be poverty and disease.”

Separate words of the seer were a warning to those who would try to unleash a war against Russia.

Vanga’s prophecy : “The power that declares itself against Russia will lose the war and perish … Many misfortunes await those who go against Russia.”

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