Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

As it is sung in the song “… people are arranged this way, I want to know what will happen.” It seems that the world has never been calm. But every generation of people wants to know about the future, because our life and all its aspects depend on it: health, prosperity, work, the future of children and much more.

That is why all sorts of soothsayers and fortune-tellers have always been popular. It is difficult to say which of them to believe and which not. In addition, many of them were charlatans, and there are many similar ones today on TV and on the Internet.

As for the elders, they, possessing spiritual strength and authority among believers, sometimes expressed their thoughts about future events in world politics and economics.

Predictions and visionary thoughts are not their main activity of these sages, but these words were said so that people would think about the future and be able to realize that everything that is happening is our work.

The elders, as one of the wisest and unofficial leaders of the Orthodox Church, lived and live to this day on Mount Athos, in Greece.

Did the predictions of the elders come true?

The main predictions of the elders were about relations between Russia and Ukraine. The current conflict was predicted by the sages back in the 20th century.

So, for example, Archbishop Feofan predicted at the beginning of the 20th century that the territorial boundaries of Russia would change dramatically, and not in the direction of increase.

Elder Abel predicted the exact date of the death of Catherine II, for which he was imprisoned in the fortress. Paul I ordered the release of the elder. He painted in paints the death of Paul and the terrible death of the Romanov family.

An old man named Stratogorets predicted the exact collapse of the USSR and turned out to be right. Just like in the case of the war in Syria, this prophecy, unfortunately, came true.

The great intercessor and savior Matrona very accurately predicted the revolution in Russia and the Great Patriotic War.

Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

What did the elders say about the future

Elders’ forecasts for 2019 are not very optimistic:

  • the division of the Russian population into rich and poor in 2019 will intensify;
  • obstacles states (otherwise sanctions) will only increase. Investment in the Russian economy will be less and less;
  • a possible change of power in 2019 will not help at all – everything will remain at the same, deplorable level;
  • according to the elders, an important ally for our country will terminate all contacts with it. This will lead to various negative consequences.

Despite disappointing prophecies, 2019 will not be Russia’s last. But still, people will have to choose what to give up in order to keep what is already there.

In the global conflict of 2020, it will be very important for Russia to maintain friendly relations with China, for which the governments of the two countries will have to try a lot.

Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

A few words about Elder Paisios

The holy sage from Athos, whose predictions are compared with Nostradamus, predicted the tragedy at Chernobyl, the confrontation between Ossetia and Chechnya, and other important geopolitical events. Although he has been dead for a long time, his words are still listened to.

Paisiy was born in 1924. And although for some part of his life he lived as an ordinary layman, although in the depths of his soul he always dreamed of life in a monastery. By the age of 25, Paisius was finally able to fulfill his aspirations.

At first he was a student of Cyril on Mount Athos, then moved to Esfgmen. Becoming a monk, he lived on the famous Mount Athos for four decades, spending many hours every day in prayer.

Many came to him for advice, and he did not refuse anyone – neither ordinary people, nor important politicians. Many of his prophecies have come true. Good or bad, Elder Paisios always tried to help, to mitigate the fate of the one who asked.

Elder Paisios died in 1994. He was canonized as a saint only in 2015.

Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

War with Turkey

Among the statements of Paisius about the fate of Russia, it is also said about relations with Turkey. According to the elder, Russia and Turkey will soon enter into an armed conflict.

It will be difficult to avoid this, since the accumulated political and economic contradictions between the countries will not allow these states to find a compromise. Moreover, Europe is more likely to support Turkey than Russia.

Turkey is waiting for another military conflict – with Greece. Paisius believed that this war would lead to the loss of Turkey, and Constantinople would again belong to Greece. Some Turkish citizens will accept Orthodoxy, and some will seek asylum from other states.

The war that everyone is waiting for with horror is the third world

Not only the elders, but also psychics, soothsayers and even political scientists have long been talking about the third world war. In the end, there is even a logical explanation for this. The ever-increasing population of the Earth, the unstable Middle East – all this can really lead to a serious confrontation.

Paisios claimed that China alone would send about 200,000 men to the war. And the conflict itself will certainly begin when the waters of the Euphrates become shallow. And since the Euphrates is indeed shallowing due to the construction of the dam, there is no doubt about the prediction.

The elder believed that a world war would forever change the human world. Traditional cultures and states will no longer exist. Whoever wants to survive will accept the new order.

Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

Society life

An extensive part of the predictions of Elder Paisios also concerns the moral foundations of society. There will be more and more immorality and debauchery among people. Greed and worship of the “golden calf” will let the devil into the souls of people. Churches and temples will become increasingly commercialized, ignoring the true purposes of the church.

The servants of the Lord God – the priests will turn the service of the Almighty into another way to get rich at the expense of the parishioners, forgetting about all the precepts of Christ. Unfortunately, we are already seeing all this today in Orthodox churches throughout Russia.

The general decline of morality and human values ​​will lead to the disintegration of family institutions. Which in the end will entail devastation and a war of “all against all.”

Predictions of the elders for 2019: what awaits us in the new year (6 photos)

According to the results: is it worth believing the predictions of the elders

You need to understand that most of the predictions of the elders were not invented just like that. Wisdom and austerity allows a person to enlighten his mind and see the essence of things. What the layman does not see, the sage will see. Our Orthodox elders are exactly the kind of people who have the power to look into the future.

The predictions of the elders, in general, speak of the following:

  • wars await not only Russia, but the whole world;
  • the life of mankind as a whole and of each person will not change for the better;
  • the church and religion will cease to influence people, the last moral foundations will collapse and people will wallow in depravity and lust even more;
  • the current world order will be a thing of the past. The alignment of forces in the political arena will change dramatically;
  • many elders see the way out for all mankind in hard work, the rejection of excesses and universal humility.

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