What the Jewish prophet Gaon predicted for Russia

The Jews have always kept the prophecies of the great Vilna Gaon a secret, but today, when the events in the Middle East led to a serious war in which many leading countries of the world, including superpowers – Russia and the United States, participate, the great-grandson of the most revered Jewish rabbi, Moshe Sternbuch, something of those predictions made public.

This happened for the first time when the Crimea joined Russia, since the Vilna Gaon wrote in his time that when the Russians return the Crimea, this will be a signal of the coming of the Deliverer into the world. For the second time in Israel, they remembered the prophecies of the Gaon, when the Turks shot down a Russian plane, and the Erdagon government practically embarked on the warpath with Russia. It turns out that the great rabbi wrote back in the eighteenth century that before the arrival of the Redeemer, a war would begin between Magog and Gog (Jews understand this, as between Russia and Turkey). Literally, the Gaon wrote that when the Russian fleet passes the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, it is worth putting on festive clothes, because the Messiah will soon come to the world. Today, many understand the coming of the Messiah as the strengthening of Russian greatness, the spread of spirituality in the world, the center of which will be Great Russia.

By the way, we note that not only Jews, but also the Turks themselves believe in the prophecies of the Vilna Gaon. Back in the nineteenth century, Archimandrite Leonid wrote that in the minds of the inhabitants of Constantinople there is a deep conviction that their city, sooner or later, will be taken by Muscovites (Muscovites). After all, even on the tombstone of Emperor Constantine it is written that a mighty people will grow stronger in the northern country, who will defeat Turkey (Ishmael) and take Sedmikholmie (the city of Constantinople) with all its giblets.

The great Jewish sage and prophet Rabbi of the Vilna Gaon (Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman) lived in 1720-1797, mostly in Vilna (Vilnius), was a very educated person, a hermit, fought for the purity of Jewish traditions, and sought to return the Jews to their historical homeland . Among his most famous descendants are Ilya Efron, the founder of the famous publishing house Brockhaus and Efron, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

What the Jewish prophet Gaon predicted for Russia

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