What awaits us in the future, according to the blessed Matrona of Moscow?

The blessed matron is one of the most famous Russian soothsayers in the world. The Russian Orthodox Church officially canonized Matrona, which makes her prophecies more significant for her admirers. She predicted many events in the world and Russia until the end of the 21st century. Many prophecies were so allegorical that they have to be deciphered in our time.

Predictions for the world

Matrona never left Russia, so she did little to predict the future of other countries. She almost did not make prophecies about America, including for 2021.

She talked about India and China quite often, but she always spoke negatively about the countries and warned her compatriots against any rapprochement with these powers. The blessed one believed that India and China in the 21st century, with the slightest weakening of Russia, would make attempts to seize its territories.

In the period from 2021 to 2025, Matrona predicted a historic event – the change of the President of the Russian Federation, and it is important for the citizens of the country to choose a strong candidate who can lead Russia to prosperity.

Predictions for Europe

Matrona always believed that the invasion of Muslims would be a great danger for the countries of Europe, which would give rise to clashes between supporters of different faiths and the deterioration of life in many countries of the Old World. Then the military will come to power and try to restore order by force, but they will only worsen the situation. The leaders of European countries will decide to turn to Russia for support, but the Russian Federation will be engaged in the restoration of its economy and will refuse to help.

World War III Predictions

The Matrona of Moscow spoke about the possibility of starting a Third World War in the 21st century. The reason for this war may be the battle for various resources, including scarce water and food. And the only chance to prevent this war – the leaders of countries that are on opposite sides of the barricades, will have to network at the negotiating table.

Predictions for Russia

Almost all the prophecies of the Matrona in one way or another relate to the search for God by people, because the connection with him is almost all of humanity in the 21st century

lost. So Russia, Marona believed, was going through hard times during periods when it lost touch with God.
The blessed one prophesied that in the 21st century Russia would experience great upheavals in the economy and politics. But she firmly believed that the country would overcome these difficulties with dignity and become great. The main thing is that Russia regains spirituality, the connection with God that it has now lost, and gets rid of the individualism imposed by the West.

In 2021, Russia will not yet overcome the political and economic crisis, and only after 2025 will there be significant positive changes in all spheres of the country’s life, and the Russian Federation will become the main world power.

Predictions for Ukraine and Belarus

Ukraine and Belarus Matrona at the beginning of the 21st century predicted very difficult times. For them, the loss of spirituality, the weakening of the spirit, the loss of faith in God and the many temptations imposed by the countries of the West will also cause severe trials.

The Matrona of Moscow warned Ukrainians and Belarusians that in no case should they give up their roots, their origins, their ties with fraternal peoples, including the Russian people. Otherwise, countries will be swallowed up by internal divisions, economic collapse will begin, bloody revolutions are inevitable, and every family will experience pain and suffering. Ukraine needs only a strong leader with strong faith in God, and he can come to power in 2021.

The future of Belarus for the blessed one inspires even more fear than the future of Ukraine. It may happen that a country will follow the path of Western countries and may be drawn into a large-scale foreign war for it. However, this situation can be avoided thanks to the efforts and political restraint of the current President of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, who has been ruling the country for more than 25 years. In general, the period from 2020 to the end of 2021 can be difficult and decisive for the state in the coming years. If Lukashenka does not come to power in the next elections, a revolution may begin in the country.

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