Predictions of Nostradamus for 2020 about the end of the world

Nostradamus about ISIS and the end of the world

Nostardamus predictions for 2020 Each of us at least once in our lives heard the name of a famous scientist, astronomer, doctor and predictor Michel Nostradamus. This man was able to foresee the events that are taking place in our time, hundreds of years after his death.

Michel de Nostrdam bore the pseudonym Nostradamus. He was a famous doctor, bachelor and doctor of science. His passion for astrology gave impetus to future predictions. At first, he was engaged in the calculation of possible events, depending on the placement of heavenly bodies. Later, visions from the future began to appear to him, which he carefully wrote down.

He believed that the Lord had endowed him with this gift and his mission was to inform mankind of events that could significantly affect all the inhabitants of planet Earth. Michel de Nostrdam systematized his visions in an astrological yearbook, in which predictions were recorded by months.

Later, the scientist found numerous admirers and patrons who offered him to arrange his work in the form of books. Thus, a series of “Prophecies” was born, containing quatrains – quatrains-predictions.

Although at the very beginning many were rather skeptical about Nostradamus, but after his prediction about the death of King Henry II came true, there were few people left who doubted
Nostradamus against ISIS in the Middle East

In the middle of the 16th century, Michel Nostradamus claimed that an Islamic state would be formed in the Middle East, which would bring death to millions of people and the destruction of the achievements of human civilization. This “evil empire” will be at war with neighboring countries and will become the cause of human suffering and decline. Really already then, in his works, Nastrodamus realized the predictions for 2016?

Many scientists and historians involved in deciphering his prophesies associate this information with the Islamist organization ISIS, which was formed in the territories of Iraq and Syria, however, no one was ever known.

The ISIS terrorist cells are also conducting their destructive activities in other countries, demonstrating their strength through public executions of hostages and the destruction of museums and architectural heritage.

Of course, most of the prophesies of Michel Nostradamus are very inaccurate and full of abstraction. There are no specific dates and exact names in his works. All predictions to our times have been preserved in various interpretations of numerous researchers and interpreters. Such information is significantly distorted and has a kind of “plaque” from the knowledge, conjectures and fantasies of these people.

Although the percentage of unreliable data is quite high, however, the accuracy of the seer’s work remains at the highest level, and this is more than 80% of the forecasts that came true. No predictor could become so accurate. So, the famous Bulgarian seer Vanga correctly predicted only 62% of events from the future, Wolf Messing had about 48% correct predictions, and Edward Casey only a modest 35%.

Our time in the predictions of Nostradamus

But returning to the predictions, it is worth paying attention to the modern world described in the works of Michel. Today, more than a hundred books have been published with various interpretations of his prophesies. Someone tries to give original texts with the most reliable translation, and someone tries to compare information from Nostradamus’s quatrains with a picture of the modern world.

The highest authority among the researchers of the works of popok has the American astrologer Hoag John. His books have been translated into 18 languages ​​and are in great demand. Recently he presented new works. Studying the information from them, the events that should lead to the apocalypse of 2035 have already begun to occur today, and 2015 has become fatal among them.

Do leta 2016 goda Nostpadamus ppedskazyval kpupnye zemletpyaseniya and smescheniya tektonicheskih plates kotopye sppovotsipuyut zatoplenie poloviny Amepiki, ppavda neyasno kakoy – Sevepnoy or Yuzhnoy and ogpomnuyu gumanitapnuyu katastpofu HOW sledstvie.

In general, according to Michel Nostradamus, America will fail. The East will be engulfed in numerical wars, and the territory of the United States will resemble desert dunes.

For the Western community, the propagandist predicted prosperity, albeit a short-lived one. The abolition of taxes, the development of science and grandiose discoveries await Europe. Scientists will finally discover the elixir of longevity, but, unfortunately, humanity will most likely not need it.

Expert opinion Eduard Berezin

One of the authoritative Russian researchers of the works of Nostradamus, Doctor of Historical Sciences Eduard Berzin, repeatedly mentioned the elixir of longevity in his research work. From the texts of Berzin’s book, you can learn that Nostradamus predicts a strong approach of the Sun, from which most of humanity will perish.

In the interpretations of Berzin, you can see many more unbelievable data. For example, Michel Nostradamus believed that the discovery of drugs for previously incurable diseases would be one of the harbingers of the end of the world. It is worth noting that very recently successful trials of new vaccines against AIDS and Ebola were carried out.

Judging by the studies of other scientists, 2017 will be fatal for the African continent. They will impute thousands of deaths of the inhabitants of the continent from starvation, and soon it will remain practically empty. The beginning of the war between the East and the West is associated with the same year, in this war chemical weapons will be used, provoking hitherto unknown skin diseases.

Prophecies of Nostradamus for 2020-2030

By 2020, China will become the leader of the world community. And the discovery of new ways of extracting energy, based on sound phenomena, will solve energy problems. By 2024, the active development of the underwater world of the Earth is predicted. Fuel extracted from water will be an order of magnitude more valuable than something that was previously produced.

In 2035, the Earth is predicted to be completely frozen. From this time, the so-called “end of time” will begin.

However, there is a chance that the end of the world will not happen after all. Salvation can be found in the messiah. As Nostradamus believed, at the time of the apocalypse he should be about 20 years old. If you make simple calculations, you can say that such a person has already been born.

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