Edgar Cayce’s prophecies about the past and the future

One of the greatest and most famous prophets of our time, Edgar Cayce, prophesied a great future for Russia and the role of a country that would save the entire world around us.

Where do such people come from who are able to give predictions that come true in the future? Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer this question, but prophets have existed at all times and in all countries.

There were just more people like that before, I think. If you read the same Orthodox literature, then we will be able to learn about the many prosolous elders, about whom there is little written anywhere. Sometimes during their lifetime they were even holy fools, who were mocked and mocked, but time showed that they were not talking nonsense and nonsense at all, but really what was about to happen.

All the great prophets had their own, unique destiny, and gave many prophecies that predicted the greatest dates in people’s lives. For example, Edgar Cayce predicted the entry of Europe into hostilities, into World War II. He described in great detail the upcoming battle on the Kursk Bulge and said that it was the Soviet Union that would make the greatest contribution to the final victory over Nazi Germany.

The clairvoyant could foresee events all over the world. He predicted the coming of Israel. He spoke about the impending collapse of the USSR, which brought him into disfavor with the Soviet government. Predicted the assassination attempt on Kennedy up to the day. He could see both the upcoming events and looked into the long decades ahead.

Edgar Cayce's prophecies about the past and the future

Casey talked about the great natural disasters that will shake the Earth in the coming years. Almost all the catastrophes that the oracle spoke of actually came true. There were amazing facts in his prophecies, for example, he said that Atlantis was located on the site of the well-known Bermuda Triangle and it was there that it sank under water. Whether it is worth believing, I don’t know, because we can’t verify it in any way.

By examining the predictions made by the prophet, scientists have identified about 15,000 different events that Cayce described. The prophecies include recommendations to individuals, and global events that will matter to the entire planet without exception. Not all of Casey’s predictions could be deciphered, because he made his prophecies while in a state of hypnotic sleep.

Almost all soothsayers claimed that they feel some kind of force that shakes the planet in regions with increased seismic activity. According to them, many natural disasters should be expected in the near future, many of which will occur in areas where such phenomena have not been seen before.

Indeed, in recent years, tornadoes, tornadoes and hurricanes have occurred in regions where no one has heard of such disasters before. For example, hurricanes have become more frequent in Siberia, which were practically not observed in this area before.

Edgar Cayce's prophecies about the past and the future

With this post, I only wanted to draw attention to this world-famous American mystic and medium, but not to describe all his predictions, because it will take more than one post, and some quotes should be given in large numbers on this site, unfortunately , not safe, so do not judge strictly But, I highly recommend reading (for those who have not read or did not know about E. Casey at all) about his predictions in the full version – this is really interesting and informative.

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