First interview with the greatest predictor in the history of mankind, his name…. (4 photos)

In the last article, it was said that there is a soothsayer named Bibus El Biba. Today we want to tell you about some moments of his life, he told us all this in an interview dated 11/03/2019

Bibus El Biba comes from the ancient Spanish family of El Bibos, known for giving Spain and the whole world many talented masters of the occult sciences, there are no records of this family now, but something can be learned from the current reincarnation of the ancient magician.

First interview with the greatest predictor in the history of mankind, his name…. (4 photos)

Pedigree of Saint Bibus El Biba

He no longer remembers when he was born, because it was a very long time ago, but he claims that his first life took place during the Reconquista. He helped Charles Martell stop the wars with the Germanic tribes in order to oppose the Arabs who captured Spain, at the same time he made his first prediction – the death of Alfonso 11 in 1350.

According to him, a few days after the death of Alfonso (who was his close friend), some people came to his house and shouted to BURN THE WIZARD! They threw burning torches at his house. Bibus did not try to save himself, because he knew that he would be reborn.

And he really was reborn. His appearance in the Aztec city of Cholula is recorded by its inhabitants in 1478 according to the Gregorian calendar.

In the Aztec society, he was respected for his ability to predict crop failures and the movements of the troops of the enemies of their people, he could cure many diseases.

According to him, he lived there with sadness in his heart, because he knew that one day a conqueror would come to his house and kill everyone who was dear to him. This conqueror should be understood as Hernan Cortes, who massacred Cholula in 1519. Bibus himself was killed along with the rest, he did not want to tell us about his second death, saying only that he would not wish such an end even to his worst enemy.

Saint Beebus told us many things, so terrible that one does not want to remember them, about the plague epidemic in Italy in 1656, of which he was an eyewitness, about the horrors of wars and much more.

First interview with the greatest predictor in the history of mankind, his name…. (4 photos)

Plague in Italy 1656

It’s hard to believe, but the predictor was noted even in the field of game design! And not just any, but Russian! At first we thought he was joking, but he showed us the cover of the disc with the game in which he is present.

Cover of the early version of the game

Yes, this is exactly what the famous, magnificent game “Boxer’s Revenge. Moscow criminals. However, during development, Beebus and one of the developer’s studio cleaners had a quarrel and the predictor was thrown out of the project, but he did not become discouraged.

This is what he says about the incident:

I will survive that, and I will be reborn in 100 – 200 years, but here they are …

At the end of the interview, Saint Bibus called on the population to listen to his words.

You already wrote about my prediction of the end of the Earth, I urge all the people of the planet to invest in space travel so that we can all fly to other worlds and avoid a terrible fate

Saint Bibus El Biba called investing in his Patreon the most effective way to achieve this good goal.

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