Predictions of famous clairvoyants and prophets for 2020

Every year there are more and more skeptics who question the predictions of psychics. The reason for this was that this topic attracted a lot of attention from the media, the Internet. However, there are people who can no doubt be called great prophets. What, in their opinion, awaits humanity in 2020.

  • The great Nostradamus was able to predict events before the 39th century. Much attention in his prophecies is given to Russia. 2020, according to him, should be the starting point for well-being for her. Europe, on the other hand, is facing natural disasters and development problems. It is important that the Russian Federation will not be involved in hostilities in the near future.
  • The healer Matrona of Moscow also had the gift of looking into the future. She predicted a lot for her country. According to her, the coming years are difficult times for Russia. People will be on the verge of despair, they will lose faith and hope for a better future. Humanity will see only benefit, drown in malice and envy. All this spiritual dirt will lead to the Apocalypse, which will come instantly.
  • The Great Vanga paid special attention to 2020. It is this year, according to her, that the one who will bring peace and hope will visit humanity. In the same year, a new economical source of energy will be opened. New prospects will open up for Russia, sanctions will be eliminated.

It is not possible to doubt the gift of these great people, because they have long proved their abilities. But from year to year, new people appear who call themselves psychics and are ready to predict the future to anyone who asks about it. They do not bypass the fate of the country. Modern clairvoyants agree that 2020 will be significant for Russia. It will be the starting point for improving the financial situation. All international negotiations will end successfully, relations with Ukraine will begin to improve. War mediums do not prophesy, but the tension between the states will still remain.

Astrologers also make their assumptions about the upcoming new year. The famous astrologer Pavel Globa agrees with many predictors who believe that 2020 is a turning point for the Russian Federation. Changes will occur first of all in the country’s financial system. This can naturally affect the exchange rate and prices. The unstable financial situation will push the authorities to create favorable conditions for business. Closer to 2021, the situation will change, relative stability will come, but the changes that have occurred will be irreversible.

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