Who predicted the outbreak in 2020 and other predictions

Many soothsayers and prophets spoke about their visions about the fate of Russia.

Some prophesy the end of the world, others about war, others about a peaceful future and a prosperous country. Today I want to talk about the most terrible scenarios for the development of events according to the predictions of famous prophets. The famous astrologer from France Michel Nostradamus predicted the war of 1812, which was called the Patriotic War, as well as the arrival of Hitler on the territory of Russia and the revolution that took place in October. Nostradamus claimed that danger was coming from the West. Well, and soon the Great Patriotic War really began.

The famous Russian seer monk Abel predicted the fate of Paul the First, at his personal request. Abel said that the reign of Paul the First would not last long, and his life would not end very well either. The monk also predicted that after his death, his son Alexander would sit in his place, and after him Nicholas the First, during whose reign a riot would occur. Abel also mentioned Nicholas II and his death.

Who predicted the outbreak in 2020 and other predictions

Another prophet was Grigory Rasputin, who had many ill-wishers. He predicted the end of his life, World War I and a coup d’état.

Seraphim Vyritsky Hieroschemamonk of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1939 independently wrote a work that was called “Thunderstorm over the Russian Land.” In this poem, he said that Orthodox people would no longer be accepted, and the destruction of churches throughout the state would begin. As it actually happened during the war that began in 1941. But he clarified that this is temporary, and soon Orthodoxy will return to Russia again. Seraphim Vyritsky also predicted that the apocalypse can happen for only one reason – this is an information war.

Who predicted the outbreak in 2020 and other predictions

Recently, people began to often mention that the Matrona of Moscow predicted the end of the world in two thousand and seventeen. She spoke about armed conflicts that would cause the death of all mankind.

Vangelia Surcheva, better known to everyone as Vanga, said that “Kursk will go under water.” Everyone thought that she was talking about the city of Kursk, but no one could have guessed that she was talking about a submarine that sank in the year 2000. It also became known that Vanga predicted an outbreak of diseases in 2020.

Although there are refutations of many prophecies, it is impossible to say with certainty that predictions are fiction.

Many predictors predict a difficult future for Russia, with a lot of difficulties. But almost everyone agrees that one day Russia will lead the whole world.

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