Terrible prophecies of three Indian shamans about the future of mankind (3 photos)

The indigenous inhabitants of the American continent – the Indians – were subjected to severe persecution by the colonialists. For these and other reasons, entire tribes disappeared, and today there are no more than 1,500 Indians.

Although there are so few representatives of the ancient people, they all adhere to the ancient traditions of their ancestors, respect their culture, love nature and live in harmony with it.

Since ancient times, local peoples worshiped deities who embodied the forces of nature, a close relationship with which developed intuition and the ability to foresee future events in the Indians. Among the modern descendants of the Indians there are also shamans who adhere to the worship of ancestors.

Terrible prophecies of three Indian shamans about the future of mankind (3 photos)

One of the most prominent representatives of this social caste is John Running, who became famous for his prophecies, which exactly came true in the twentieth century.

Among his biggest predictions are the fall of the Third Reich, the fate of Hitler, the American moon landings, and the fate of President Kennedy.

However, not all the predictions of the Indian shaman came true. For example, the war between China and Japan, the catastrophe associated with the fall of a giant meteorite. Perhaps these events are still awaiting mankind. But, of course, God forbid that such prophecies never come true.

Terrible prophecies of three Indian shamans about the future of mankind (3 photos)

Other prophecies of the twentieth century, which were uttered by prominent Indians in their time, are also not very optimistic. For example, Wallace Black Elk prophesied in 1985 about an event during which “the earth will tremble” and “people will turn to their gods, but they will not hear them.” It is difficult to interpret the words of this shaman, because they contain little specific information and a lot of symbolism. But it is clear that we are waiting for a catastrophe of a large scale.

Robert the Ghost Wolf, another modern Native American shaman, was more specific in his assumptions. He prophesied that at the beginning of the new millennium, the American continent would be “covered with a black cloud”, which would be associated with the eruption of numerous volcanoes in the Pacific belt. In this case, not only the United States will suffer, but also Canada.

Scientists have long been speculating about the possibility of an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. From time to time, he shows minor activity, which alarms scientists and the world community.

Indians who know how to listen to the sounds of nature and live in absolute harmony with it, perhaps foresee the trouble that is coming to the continent.

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