Clairvoyant Victoria Rydos continues to scare the world: now Ukraine is next (3 photos)

More recently, an experienced clairvoyant Victoria Germanovna Raidos, who can communicate with the spirits of the dead, easily works also with Tarot cards and the Book of the Dead, predicted that in the near future Japan would avenge the United States for their treachery in 1945, and therefore America would receive the same nuclear blow, if not worse. And today, talking about the fate of Ukraine, she predicted something terrible for her current president, Petro Poroshenko.

As the hereditary sorceress says, quite recently the spirit of Bohdan Khmelnitsky himself appeared to her, who once did a lot for Ukraine, and therefore is still concerned about her fate. So he told Victoria what awaits his long-suffering country in 2018.

Ukrainians should prepare for serious trials, and even terrible shocks. The likelihood that Maidan will again be in Kyiv is very high. And if this happens, then Petro Poroshenko will have to flee the country so as not to fall under the Lynch court.

Clairvoyant Victoria Rydos continues to scare the world: now Ukraine is next (3 photos)

But even if the Maidan does not happen, the current president will still have to flee from Ukraine sooner or later, and to flee, obfuscating his tracks, since the fighters of today’s nationalist battalions will definitely follow him. They will track him down and punish him severely. No, they won’t kill him, because they think that this is too good an option for him.

However, it is no coincidence that the clairvoyant Rydos herself almost constantly emphasizes (even on behalf of the spirits) “there is a high probability”, and does not throw categorical statements “it will be so and so”. The future is multivariate, and therefore one cannot blame the prophets for the fact that their predictions sometimes do not come true, since they more often warn of the possible than affirm the inevitable.

Some comments on this terrible prophecy

A terrible prophecy, but terrible are the deeds that this man has done throughout his entire presidency. As believing people say, God, as a mercy, gives a person the opportunity through suffering to atone for his sins while still alive, because beyond her line all this will happen much more painfully for the fallen soul.

In any case, Christians say, even if Poroshenko escapes reprisals against himself, he, like all earthly sinners, will still have to answer before God’s court, and it remains to be seen which is better.

Clairvoyant Victoria Rydos continues to scare the world: now Ukraine is next (3 photos)

But commentators with a critical mindset add (not without sarcasm) the following remark to the prophecy about Poroshenko: in Ukraine it is already becoming a “good tradition” for presidents to flee their country in order to avoid a lynching …

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