Prophecies of the Polish predictor Andrzej about the future of the world (2 photos)

A soothsayer from Poland named Andrzej had a somewhat atypical system for receiving revelations, which, however, gave him trouble-free results.

Andrzej plunged into a special meditative state in order to contemplate visions of the future and turned on the recorder to record everything that he himself said during the trance-meditative state.

Andrzej said that the planet will be shaken more and more by global natural disasters, which will eventually lead to a global catastrophe on a worldwide scale. The Polish seer described that he literally saw columns of fire and terrible smoke rising from the ground, the earth shaking and terrible fissures, cracks appearing that could swallow entire cities. The seer saw truly terrifying apocalyptic pictures, piles of stones and debris, completely destroyed cities, from which Andrzej himself directly called New York, Brasilia, Tashkent.

Not only did the cities suffer from earthquakes in the Pole’s visions, he reported how he saw Los Angeles submerged under water, how California due to floods becomes separated from the rest of the land and turns into an island, and the Bering Strait connects with Chukotka.

Prophecies of the Polish predictor Andrzej about the future of the world (2 photos)

A similar fate was predicted by Andrzej and Europe – the Mediterranean Sea in his visions noticeably decreased, turned into a kind of lake, but Italy is broken into a bunch of islands, Norway and Switzerland are also partially flooded.

In all these eerie pictures, Andrzej also describes the eerie sky, unnaturally black, which is illuminated only by flashes of lightning. But in one of the visions, the medium saw a huge celestial body that rushes very close to our planet and which, perhaps, was one of the reasons for all the horrors described above.

It is worth noting that the threat of a collision with a huge celestial body is quite real. At present, astronomers, of course, most often can detect the approach of such a body in advance, but at the same time, modern technologies can do little against a sufficiently large space object if it rushes to our planet.

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