Continents will split – Zulia Radjabova’s predictions for 2020

Recently, the winner of the second season of the Battle of Psychics, Zuliya Radjabova, made a frightening prediction. According to the clairvoyant, already in 2020, a split of the continents may occur. Zulia calls the countries of Asia and India as dangerous zones. The appearance of a fault can lead to a displacement of the earth’s axis, which will cause cataclysms throughout the planet.

This prediction would seem fantastic if it were not for the sudden formation of a huge crack in Africa. In 2018, the inhabitants of Kenya were concerned about the appearance of a fault in the earth’s crust, which was several kilometers long and 15 meters deep. The fault appeared without accompanying earthquakes. It lies between two tectonic plates – Somali and Nubian. Scientists estimate that the crack in Kenya will gradually grow until one day Africa splits into two continents. But when is the catastrophe expected?

Do tectonic faults threaten the Earth: the opinion of scientists

Scientists believe that Africa in its usual form will exist for a long time – 50 million years. At the same time, the crack will begin to cause trouble now – as it grows, it will interfere with car traffic and force local residents to move to safer areas.

The crack in Africa is far from the only one. The most famous fault is located in California, and its length is almost 1200 km. There are such places on the territory of Russia – for example, Lake Baikal is located in a deep fault in the earth’s crust. According to scientists, in the distant future, the lake will be replaced by an ocean.

However, Zuliya Radjabova talked about the imminent formation of a split in Asia. Is it possible? In recent years, tectonic activity in the region has increased. According to forecasts, in the near future, devastating earthquakes are expected in Bangladesh and India – just where the famous clairvoyant foresaw the catastrophe. If this happens, the lives of millions of people will be at risk.

Nostradamus also warned about the split of the continents. The predictor did not give exact dates, but said that earthlings would have to face many trials: there would be a displacement of the continents, Africa would move away from Eurasia, and cataclysms would fall on the entire planet.

The split of the continents is a natural process, and during the existence of the Earth, the outlines of the land have changed many times. But Zuliya Radjabova believes that human activity can accelerate destructive processes. The unreasonable consumption of resources, the growth of industry, a careless attitude towards nature – all this can lead to the fact that already in 2020 humanity will face the problem of the split of the continents.

Not only clairvoyants, but also scientists warn about future catastrophes. While earthlings still have a chance to stop global cataclysms. But for this, people need to change their attitude to the world around them and unite in the fight against natural disasters.

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