“People will become Adam’s children”: the media deciphered Vanga’s prediction about Nibiru and 2019

Journalists spoke about the prophecies of the famous Bulgarian clairvoyant about the fate of mankind.

Journalists from a number of media published the predictions of the legendary Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga for 2019. As you know, the soothsayer once predicted the “velvet” revolution in Montenegro, the death of Indira Gandhi, the collapse of the USSR and the death of the Kursk submarine.

According to the media, Vanga predicted many events for 2019 that would radically change life on the planet. So, she said that “the tired Earth will rebel and destroy many people.”

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that the prophecy is already coming true, because natural disasters are raging on Earth. At the same time, although the clairvoyant did not say this out loud, ufologists said that the events voiced by Vanga would happen because of the planet Nibiru.

The soothsayer constantly said that in 2019 there would be turning points, due to which many people would die. In this regard, conspiracy theorists do not exclude that Nibiru will destroy life on Earth this year, and Vanga could even foresee the enslavement of earthlings by a more developed civilization of humanoids from the killer planet.

“Old age will go away, and people will become like Adam’s children,” Vanga warned that ufologists also associated with the connection of the inhabitants of our planet with aliens.

Note that in Slavic mythology, various evil spirits and an unknown force were called Adam’s children.

One way or another, Vanga foresaw events of a grandiose scale that would become irreversible for us, and they would happen, in her opinion, already in the coming year.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the media published the prophecies of Vanga and Nostradamus for Trump for 2019.

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