In 2024, aliens from Nibiru will populate the Earth

Ufologists conducted an investigation and determined that by this time humanity would be destroyed by a “devouring planet”.

Recent events increasingly indicate that humanity is under threat, the main source of which are aliens. The latest studies by ufologists indicate that aliens from Nibiru will populate the Earth as early as 2024.

The fact that in the next 5 years the planet is threatened by the end of the world is evidenced by many facts. It turned out that the Mayan calendar was wrong by exactly 7 years and the apocalypse will come very soon – December 29, 2019. Ufologists believe that on this day the planet Nibiru will collide with the Earth, and this will lead to the mass death of all life on the planet. Another threat should be expected on February 1, 2020. On this day, the 2-kilometer asteroid “2002-NT7” may collide with the Earth, which will lead to the end of the world.

The collision with the “iron planet of the Gods” was mentioned in many works of the KGB of the times of the USSR, as well as in German studies. The archives of Project Orion (1983) provide specific facts that point to a collision in 2024. So, the killer planet will fly from Pluto to Jupiter in about 33 years, which means that it arrived at Jupiter in 2016. The archive also indicates the speed of movement from 2 to 6 km / s. If we take the average, then the object must move at a speed of 4 km / s, then the date of the collision falls on 2024.

Too many facts indicate that in the next 5 years, humanity may come to an end. The archive also contains data regarding the fact that immediately before the capture itself, a “cleansing” of the planet will take place. A change in electromagnetic waves and an increase in the radiation background will lead to an increase in mortality due to cardiovascular diseases. The psyche of people will become unstable, which will increase the incidence of suicide and mental disorders. The climate will also begin to change, which will lead to many natural disasters, due to which people will die. The split of the continent is also inevitable. Already at the moment, scientists have recorded the expansion of cracks within Eurasia by 4 mm / year.

Perhaps all this is a well-planned plan by the aliens from Nibiru, who thus “cleanse” and prepare the planet for settlement. It is possible that people who manage to survive will be held hostage by the invaders and will be forced to survive by subjugating the aliens. However, humanity still has a chance to survive. Since the secret of the Anunnaki has been revealed, the inhabitants of planet Earth have time to take the necessary measures to resist the invaders. Urologists call for the activation of people, while it is not too late and you can be saved. Nevertheless, scientists regarding this forecast are skeptical. In their opinion, alien intelligence does not exist and nothing threatens the inhabitants of the planet Earth.

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