Czech prophet Robert Nixon and his predictions

Robert Nixon was born in the middle of the 15th century. The boy was born handicapped. He had a strange appearance, his head was disproportionately large, and his eyes were very bulging. He practically did not answer questions, limiting himself to only two words: “yes” or “no”. In addition, he had a really difficult character – he was irritable and angry. All this did not prevent Robert from becoming the most famous Czech prophet.

The boy was assigned to work in the fields, he generally succeeded in this business and he coped with his duties. But from time to time the guy fell into a kind of trance, started shouting various things, actively gesticulating with his hands, he could start jumping or running across the field.

Everyone soon got used to such behavior of the guy. People practically did not listen to what Robert was shouting. But one of the overseers, who controlled the work of people, listened to the words that Nixon began to shout out once again. He talked about a battle that was supposed to take place quite far from their hometown. In his speeches, the guy predicted the victory of King Henry. So in the end it happened, and they began to closely monitor and observe the young prophet.

Rumors about a guy with mystical powers reached the king of the Czech Republic. He always took such people seriously, so he immediately sent for the guy. When he was brought to the court, a small experiment was carried out, which proved that Robert really had the ability. A clerk was assigned to the young man, whose duties included writing down everything that the guy said. It is thanks to this that many of Nixon’s predictions have survived to this day.

One of Robert’s interesting predictions is the prophecy about the fate of an abbey called Vail Royal, founded in 1277. The seer warned one of the abbots to beware of the raven and that soon there would be a raven’s nest. The prophecy came true – for disobedience to King Henry VIII, the monastery was also sold to the knight Holcroft, on whose helmet a raven was depicted.

Robert predicted many wars in England, military conflicts with France, the fate of many European kings, as well as inventions made by mankind. One of his prophecies – the sinking of Nantwich – came true much later.

His prophecies, which have survived to this day, are carefully tested and studied. Almost all of them found an interpretation.

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