The Prophecies of the Luzson Sisters

The clairvoyant twin sisters Lusson predicted an event in 1968 that is directly related to the Yom Kippur War. In 1973, Lusson foresaw that Nixon would resign, which was provoked by the Watergate scandal. They also predicted the things that would have to happen on our planet in the twenty-first century.

According to their prophecies, a severe crisis will begin in different countries. There will be conflicts for power in different territories. There will be riots against the government in the USA, the stock markets will have to be closed.

Some geographic changes will occur in Canada, Southern California and Mexico. New York will be completely flooded with water, and North America will be divided by the Mississippi River. At the same time, South America will be severely affected by earthquakes.

A large number of islands in the Pacific Ocean will be destroyed by waves, life in these places will become impossible.

Water will flood Spain and Portugal. Most of the entire British Isles will also be flooded. North Africa will change its shape due to earthquakes.

Numerous transformations, as well as all sorts of disasters, will be caused by man himself due to the use of powerful weapons. After what happened in the world, there will come a time of spirituality, prosperity, and everything that was experienced will remain in the memory of people for many years and will be a great lesson to them.

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