Predictions of the priest from Latvia Yuri Kravalis about the future of Russia

When in 2011 the clergyman from Latvia Yuri Kravalis sent his prophecies to the head of Russia, no one treated them with due attention and respect. Only after the predictions began to come true, genuine interest flared up in the prophecies of Cravalis.

Indeed, when the predictions are about the difficult and difficult future of Russia, few people want to take such words seriously and believe them. However, the pastor’s omens contain not only negative aspects, but also positive ones.

According to the clergyman, Russia in the future expects an unprecedented rise, which will surprise not only the Russians themselves, but the world as a whole. The country will become the locomotive of world development. It will gain unprecedented influence and will help solve many global problems and issues.

In addition, Russia will contribute to the development of other countries. For example, Poland and Germany will follow a similar path of development and will draw strength from mutual assistance and unity.

Russia will be able to cope with all the problems and will be able to regain stability and former power. Unprecedented rise will be due to wise leaders who will be chosen by God himself. Such strong personalities will be not only at the helm of the country, but also in all important areas of society: culture, economy, business, religion and faith. According to the prophet, thanks to their joint actions, a new round of development awaits Russia, a golden era in which the flowering of spiritual values ​​​​will begin, and mutual assistance and mutual understanding will be at the head of everything.

The seer made a special emphasis on the fact that it is Russia that will become the savior of mankind from all global problems that are on the agenda of all countries. Our country will bring peace, stability and prosperity to the planet. The main wealth of the planet, according to the priest, is the inexhaustible strength of the Russian soul.

One can have different attitudes to the words of the seer, but one cannot help but note the fact that this is just another prophecy that mystically converges with a series of other predictions from a variety of prophets. These people prophesied the great future of Russia, even without living in it and having nothing to do with it.

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