Psychic Edgar Cayce Predictions for 2021

Development of the abilities of the medium

Edgar Cayce was born in March 1877 on a small farm near the American city of Hopkinsville (Kentucky). As a child, the future seer had difficulty mastering the school curriculum. Because of this, he often clashed with his father. During one of the quarrels, the parent hit Edgar so hard that he fell off his chair and, hurting his head, lost consciousness. When he woke up, the boy heard voices that told him: “Sleep a little, and we will help you.” The described events helped Casey gain a unique ability. He was able to master any material by simply placing a textbook under his head and sleeping on it for several hours.

At the age of 23, Edgar suffered from laryngitis and lost his voice. The doctors shrugged helplessly, so Casey had to deal with the problem on his own. The future soothsayer asked the famous hypnotist Al Lane to put him into a state of hypnotic sleep, and then inspire him with blood flow to the chest and neck. Upon awakening, Edgar realized that he was cured and could speak again.

This case prompted Casey and Lane to start treating people. Like-minded people acted as follows: the hypnotist introduced Edgar into a state of hypnotic sleep, and the latter made diagnoses for patients who came to him for a consultation. Later, Casey began to make predictions for the future and, at the same time, tell people about lost civilizations, previously lived lives and reincarnations.

The medium devoted his whole life to making diagnoses and predictions. Edgar Cayce died at the age of 67 in the city of Virginia Beach (Virginia), leaving behind many records with predictions for the future and stories about the distant past.

Fulfilled prophecies

Edgar Cayce became famous for the hundreds and thousands of unmistakable diagnoses he was able to make to his clients. The situation was worse with predictions: many of the medium’s predictions did not come true. For example, Casey predicted Hitler’s victory in World War II, the restoration of the USSR in 2010, and a complete change in the face of the planet due to natural disasters in 2012.

At the same time, the “sleeping prophet” made several true predictions. In particular, he predicted the onset of the Great Depression in America in 1929-1939. and the collapse of the USSR at the end of the 20th century.

Edgar Cayce Predictions for 2021 for America and Russia

Edgar Cayce believed that in 2020-2021, America and Russia would embark on the path of rapprochement. The soothsayer believed that this would help these countries not only revive and regain their former power, but also set the direction for further development of all mankind.

Predictions of the “sleeping prophet” about the development of the world as a whole in 2021

Edgar Cayce considered natural disasters to be the main threat to the world in the first half of the 21st century. The Prophet believed that they would help:

  • flooding of Japan and the northern territories of Europe;
  • climate change in Africa (according to the seer, the hottest continent will turn into an icy desert by the middle of the 21st century).

In part, Casey’s predictions have already begun to come true. However, whether climate change will be dramatic, as the “sleeping prophet” predicted, will become clear much later.

Casey’s opinion on the coming of the Apocalypse

The “sleeping prophet” denied the coming of the Apocalypse in the coming centuries. Moreover, he believed that even serious natural disasters not only could not destroy humanity, but would also contribute to its further development. Casey believed that in the near future:

  • Russia, China and the United States will create a powerful alliance and begin joint space exploration;
  • humanity will fully master the moon;
  • the population of the Earth will establish contact with a friendly extraterrestrial civilization and get access to new technologies that will help significantly improve the life of earthlings.

Experts continue to decipher the predictions of the “sleeping prophet” to this day. The researchers hope that they will reveal clues that will help modern society avoid fatal mistakes.

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