The most interesting predictions of Sergei Vronsky about the past and future of Russia

Sergey Vronsky received unprecedented fame among astrologers and seers of the twentieth century. The first source of his knowledge was his grandmother-princess of the ancient Baltic family Nenadich-Negosh. The woman was a hereditary clairvoyant.

After that, the man worked in a closed institute, located in the capital of Germany, Berlin, preparing esotericists for the needs of the Third Reich.

But most importantly, this man had an amazing and inexplicable gift.

During World War II, he worked for the USSR, despite the fact that the authorities were merciless to the Vronsky family. The man himself miraculously escaped repression.

The reasons for serving the Soviet Union are well explained and shown in documentaries made on the subject.

We can mention the exact prediction of the prophet about the defeat of the Nazis. He gave sound advice to Hess, Hitler’s adviser, to escape to quiet England while there was a chance. When the dangerous moment came, Vronsky left for Russia. He knew that he was not trusted in the country, despite his frequent help on his part, and here a hard long life awaited him.

At the end of his career, his personality became of interest to the leadership of the country. Often, near his house, cars belonging to government representatives were seen taking the famous astrologer to the Kremlin. Upon returning home, he had full packages of products in his hands, which were in small quantities on store shelves or were not available at all.

In one of his interviews, he admitted that he simply helped politicians, scientists, the space industry, and the country’s leadership with everyday problems.

Unfortunately, many of his prophecies were not listened to and not taken for granted.

The most interesting predictions of Sergei Vronsky about the past and future of Russia

  • Many of his predictions turned out to be true. So, Vronsky warned the first cosmonaut – Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin – not to fly on March 27, 1968. We know how this flight ended.
  • The astrologer predicted a tragic life for the President of the United States Kennedy, as well as for his brothers.
  • Disappointing news was announced by pop star Marilyn Monroe.
  • He dissuaded Boris Yeltsin in every possible way from the war with Chechnya, explaining this by practically zero chances of winning.

None of the warned listened to the clairvoyant, which led to trouble.

At home, his gift was not in demand. However, the prophet managed to leave his name in the field of astrology – he wrote the cycle “Classical Astrology”, which has no equal. In our time, many learned astrologers use his work in 12 volumes.

He made few predictions about the future of Russia, considering his words a sound to nowhere. However, his prophecy about the era of great spiritual enlightenment in the Russian Federation since 2025 is included in the annals of predictions.

Sergei Alekseevich Vronsky said that he had no right to divulge certain aspects of the future that he knew about. Knowing the secrets of being, he had to carry them away with him.

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