Mysterious prophecies of Vasily Nemchin about Russia

Most people know the names of soothsayers, such as: Vanga, Abel, Nostradamus, Matrona, Seraphim of Sarov. The name of the medieval astrologer and seer, Vasily Nemchin, is known only in narrow circles, but his predictions are no less interesting than the centuries of Nostradamus, and many of them have already come true.

Vasily Nemchin is a person who is shrouded in mystery. We learned about him thanks to the astrologer Pavel Globa. It was he who found a book with unknown predictions in the Polotsk archive. Some researchers still doubt that such a prophet actually existed, since there is practically no reliable historical information about him. Some suspect Pavel Globa of deceit, because it was he who managed to write out the prophecies from the book of predictions before it disappeared without a trace. Some researchers see the similarity of the predictions of Vasily Nemchin with the predictions of the Orthodox St. Basil the Blessed. This soothsayer lived in the 14th century.

The most interesting predictions of Vasily Nemchin concerning Russia. So, Nemchin predicts that Russia in the new century will first have a renewal and a calm stage, and then Nemchin prophesies the period of the reign of ten kings, describing in detail their appearance.

The next stage of the reign is the arrival of the “Great Potter” or there is another description of the “Lame Potter”. What Nemchin means by this is not known for certain: appearance, surname or profession? But the astrologer describes the reign of this monarch as the formation of a new era of the country, the return of former power, the unification of the whole people. Nemchin mentions that 15 other leaders will unite with the “Great Potter”. Together they will create a strong state, which will not be afraid of any enemy. The prophet promises the flourishing of Russia after 2025.

In his predictions, there are descriptions of the tsars Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and the rulers of the 20th century Yeltsin and Gorbachev. Predicts Nemchin and man’s flight into space. Nemchin predicted the future not only of Russia, but also of other countries. In his prediction poems, one can learn that America, as a power, will cease to exist, the collapse of Carthage (the modern territory of Iraq and Iran), the war for the Crimean Peninsula, the flooding of England, the unification of Russia with Belarus and Ukraine. Interesting prophecies about the flight of man to Mars, monsters from test tubes and genetic mutations. Whether these predictions will come true, only time will tell. To believe or not to believe is everyone’s business.

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