Predictions of Elder Evdokia Chudinovskaya about Russia

Evdokia Chudinovskaya was born into a poor peasant family in 1870. When Dunya was seven years old, her mother died. This event made a huge impression on the girl. She decided that she would dedicate her life to God. Evdokia did not deviate from the chosen path for a single day.

She had many misfortunes: beatings by her stepmother, abduction by a robber. When Evdokia grew up, she went to prison twice. But this did not break the faith of the righteous.

Despite all the hardships, the blessed one forgave her enemies. She was humble, pious and meek. Evdokia helped the suffering, supported people with prayers. Over time, she discovered a wonderful gift – the gift of a seer.

Fulfilled prophecies

Eudokia made her first known prophecy shortly before the First World War. She went to the grave of Seraphim of Sarov. At that time, Nicholas II was in Sarov, who had come to the city on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the saint’s death.

During the funeral dinner, Evdokia approached the king to present him with an embroidered towel. When Nicholas II stood up, a chair fell under him. And then Evdokia said that soon the king would have to endure great troubles, he would lose his throne.

The old woman foresaw the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Shortly before June 1941, Evdokia put on a bright dress and walked the streets, shouting the word “fire.” When the war began, the seer said that she hid the keys to Tula, so the enemies would not get into the city. Indeed, the Nazis failed to capture Tula.

Many people turned to Evdokia for advice. Everyone was amazed at the prophetic gift of the old woman – she often looked into the future and talked about events that had not yet happened.

Predictions that haven’t come true yet

Evdokia’s predictions about China were disturbing. The old woman said that the time would come when the Chinese would seize Russian land and drink tea in Chelyabinsk. Surprisingly, many other predictors spoke about the same. So, Archpriest Vladislav Shumov also prophesied about the war with Asia. In his predictions, he said that the Chinese army would occupy Chelyabinsk.

Schemagumen Alexy, Schema-Archimandrite Christopher, Elder Adrian, Schema Monk John – all of them warned of a war with China, which would turn out to be worse and harder than previous wars. But all the prophecies say that Russia will emerge victorious, although it will lose part of its possessions. When the war is over, the country will flourish and become more powerful than ever before.

Evdokia Chudinovskaya also had other predictions. The old woman said that they would open many churches and build beautiful houses, only they would stand empty. Now we can see how this prophecy is being fulfilled – temples are being erected all over Russia, luxurious houses and cottages are being built.

Evdokia also said that hard times will begin after two Easters are celebrated. There will be persecution of believers, so people need to unite, hold on to each other. Sincere faith will help to survive any difficulties, will give strength to withstand all adversity. You need to forgive your enemies, otherwise every offense will fall on the soul as a heavy stone.

Elder Evdokia died in 1948. Until now, the memory of the blessed continues to live. People believe that if you put an icon with the image of Evdokia in the house, then all troubles will be bypassed, and not a single evil person will be able to enter.

Orthodox believe that prophecies are not given to scare people, but to prepare for future times. If you keep faith, live a righteous life and help others, you can survive even the most difficult and turbulent times.

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