Vanga’s prophecy about bees has begun to come true? (3 photos)

In social networks, messages about the prophecy of the greatest soothsayer Vanga are increasingly appearing. The prophecy says that humanity expects “the end”, and this prediction seems to be coming true. This information is increasingly appearing in the media.

It is believed that the clairvoyant predicted that the history of mankind will end when bees disappear on Earth. And these events have already begun to occur – the number of insects in our world is rapidly declining, and for many different reasons. They say that Albert Einstein himself predicted the same ending for humanity.

Previously, the topic of this “prophecy” was already raised online in 2010 by one Internet portal, which also referred to Vanga and Einstein.

However, then no one reacted to this message, since there was no confirmation of it. But now, in 2019, when the problem of the disappearance of such useful and necessary for the well-being of the world of bees has risen sharply, the entire public has started talking about the prophecy.

Vanga's prophecy about bees has begun to come true? (3 photos)

The disappearance of such an important element for the existence of the earth as bees becomes a really big and very serious problem. One of the reasons for the disappearance of insects is climate change, due to which the hives overheat.

Our compatriots, Russian scientists, issued a statement in which they expressed their fear that we might not see a single bee in just fifteen years. Their disappearance will lead to a huge ecological catastrophe.

Bees are disappearing not only because of climate change, but also because of the inconsistent use of pesticides. This leads to huge losses for farmers.

Vanga's prophecy about bees has begun to come true? (3 photos)

What will happen next – no one knows. It remains to be hoped that humanity will come to its senses and begin to care more about the environment.

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