What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

Monk Abel is one of the sons of a serf, born at the beginning of 1757 (in some sources, the month of birth is March, in some April). Abel was born in the village of Akulovka, which at that time was part of the Tula province. His father and mother were peasants of the wealthy landowner Naryshkin. No one heard about this family and about Abel until, at the age of 39, he had to meet personally with General Samoilov himself. And it happened like this.

Fateful meeting with the general

Being a monk for 20 years, Abel wrote prophetic letters, books, etc. For such content of his writings, Abel was very often thrown into prison. It follows that he spent most of his life just there, rather than in a cell.

When meeting with the general, he asked what the soothsayer prophesied. In response, from Abel chained and shackled, he heard a chilling news: “The mother empress will die on November 6.” The general could not believe his ears and, in response to the words of the monk, ordered that he be sent to Petropavlovka. So he would have sat forever in the castle of Abel, if his prophecy had not come true. On November 5, Empress Catherine the Great was found in serious condition, and on November 6 she died. Paul ascended the throne after Catherine. He ordered everyone to be released from prison. Abel was released along with the rest of the captives.

The rumor about the prophet spread very quickly, and the newly baked sovereign wished to meet the monk in person. The emperor, in joy, even kissed the soothsayer as a sign of such a “joyful” prophecy of Catherine’s death.

Unable to restrain his curiosity, Paul asked Abel to tell about his future fate. However, this time the prophet evaded the answer, leaving the question open.

The emperor was merciful to Abel and sent him to live and serve in the Neva Monastery, where the conditions were quite decent, and the abbot turned out to be kind.

After 12 months, a request was received to transfer Abel to another monastery. The reason was indicated as follows – predictions to the brothers in the monastery of the dates of their death and other fables.

What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

Monk Abel predicted the death of Emperor Paul

The emperor ordered Abel to be transferred to the Valam Monastery. There were very strict rules for the ministry, and Paul hoped that the soothsayer would no longer engage in “foolishness.” But the emperor’s hopes were not justified. In 1800, a draft was received from Valam, called “The Terrible Book”, which was written by the monk Abel. This manuscript was read: first, the metropolitan, then the secret chamber, and after that, Abel was sent to Petropavlovka.

Prediction for Paul

Paul ventured to visit the monk personally. Lopukhin’s favorite was with him that day. They went into Abel’s cell cheerful, but came out already frightened. The favorite left with tearful eyes, and Pavel frowned irritably and knitted his eyebrows.

That night, the sovereign could not sleep – he wandered through the rooms in deep thought, sat down to write a message, threw down his pen, sighed heavily, wandered again, and wrote again. Early in the morning, he personally lowered the epistole into a special secret chest in the hall of the Gatchina Palace, writing on top (verbatim): “To reveal to the heir to the throne not earlier than on the hundredth day from the minute of my death.”

From that day on, the courtiers began to notice oddities in the behavior of their master, Pavel often arrived in a state of deep thought, minutes of the blues were found on him, he began to be afraid of everything, even his own shadow. According to the favorite Lopukhina, it was the prediction of the hermit Abel that made such a strong impression on the emperor, because they concerned the death of Paul. And unnatural death. But this did not save the sovereign from a terrible fate. The conspiracy with the participation of the heir Pavel, the eldest son of Alexander, was directed to the murder, which happened on the night of March 12 (according to the old style), 1801.

What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

Abel predicted war with Napoleon

New predictions for a new ruler

And again, the subsequent ruler Alexander I ordered Abel to be rescued. But the recluse once again could not restrain himself and again folded the prophetic scripture, where he announced the upcoming war with the Gauls, about the siege and massive conflagrations in Moscow.

Abel predicted that on June 12 (according to the old style), 1812, the king (Napoleon) would come. He will be strong and powerful and will enter the gates of Moscow. He will loot all the churches and a terrible fire will break out, from which the whole city will burn.

The newly elected sovereign did not believe Abel, but just in case he ordered him to be imprisoned in the Solovetsky dungeon, they say, let him sit there until the predictions come true.

The terrible prophecy came true again, and at the beginning of 1813, the elder prophet Abel was free. Based on his bitter experience, the monk decides to leave Russia. First, the monk went to Jerusalem, and the flood to the Athos monastery. In the last years of his life, the old, exhausted by life and undermined by illnesses, the elder Abel came to his homeland. But before his death, he again predicted that the next on the throne would be the youngest of all the heir brothers, Nikolai Pavlovich (Nicholas the First). And again everything came true, and again everything happened again.

The last imprisonment and death of Abel

What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

The monk also prophesied his death

When Nicholas I became ruler, the soothsayer Abel was sent to prison. So in captivity, Abel not only spent half of his conscious life, but also met his death. Some sources say that he was killed by a prison guard, as punishment for another prediction that the ruler did not like. Other facts claim that Abel was killed by lung disease, dampness, beatings and mistreatment of prisoners. The world did not immediately become aware of the death of the predictor.

It happened in 1831. But historical data suggests that Abel died two years before the date specified in the books. There is no confirmation of this statement, but history has not preserved the exact data, facts about death, and the cause of death either. Only a small entry was found in the books of the casemate that the prisoner under the number such and such had died. There is no exact data on death and the cause of death.

The monk also prophesied his death. He predicted both his imprisonment and his violent death.

Predicting the future by time periods

How many books with predictions he wrote, no one knows for sure. Medievalists name at least three, although not a single one of them has survived. Only fragments of references to them remain.

For example, if we recall the predictions for the heir to Paul I, then it was read, but perceived as a joke or a hoax. However, in January 1903, when a salute shell hit the gazebo. Where Nicholas II was at that time did not cause him the slightest harm. After this event, the emperor uttered one phrase (literally): “Until the beginning of the 18th year, I am free in my decisions, and I have nothing to fear! If, I can now believe Abel … “.

And so it happened. The last ruler of Russia, Emperor Nicholas II, was shot with his family in his own house in 1918. So the time of the reign of the Romanov dynasty came to an end.

Prophecies of Elder Abel about the future of Russia until 2017 (XXI century)

The prophet prophesied the following:

Boris Yeltsin will be in power in Russia, then he will resign, and then Vladimir Putin will rule. He also wrote about the appearance of the second Boris, called the giant titan. The country under his rule will be on the verge of collapse, it will face many disasters. But soon Boris will leave, and in his place there will be a “man of short stature.” Abel also prophesied the appearance of a sovereign ruler who would take office three times. According to the monk, Russia is waiting for a century of prosperity and prosperity.

What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

Abel wrote about the appearance of the second Boris

Although the monk’s predictions about the time after Putin’s removal are very ambiguous. Abel prophesied that there would be 10 kings, described the image of a faceless swordsman who would shed blood and even subject the country to disintegration. There are also references to a man with unclean skin (as history has shown here, it is said here about Zyuganov) and “marked” (in which one can guess Gorbachev).

The monk prophesied difficulties for Russia that would overtake her in the 21st century. He described this period of difficult trials. One of the main figures in the political arena in Russia will be a certain Khromoy, who will hold on to the government seat with all his might. Mentioned in his predictions were the Golden-Haired Lady with three chariots and the “Great Potter”, whose merit would be the unification of the country and retribution with all the villains. Experts believe that the monk prophesied, without realizing it, a crisis for Russia, which began in 2017, i.e. all the monk’s prophecies were about the 21st century. There are opinions of some researchers that it is at this time that the end of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine will come.

Abel’s predictions about the end of the world

The last predictions of the monk Abel refer to 2892. According to interpreters, this time can be considered the end of the world. Most likely, in his last book, the monk mentioned the coming of the Antichrist. Lines from Scripture tell of the darkness into which the world will fall for a whole thousand years, that all of humanity will turn into a flock, which will be controlled by a certain shepherd. After a thousand and 50 years, all the dead will be resurrected, and living people will change, become renewed, different. All mankind will be divided according to perfect deeds, according to sins. Accordingly, some will live forever, and the rest will perish.

Interpretation of Abel’s predictions by specialists of the XXI century

A lot of information about the coming times in the world community and Russia as a great state was kept in the security service. Among this information were the prophecies of the monk Abel about Russia and the world for the 21st century.

Separate facts gained publicity only during the collapse of the Russian state. Here are some of them:

  • “Seventy years of desolation and the flight of demons” is a fact of the power of the Democratic Party after the collapse of the Soviet regime, and “sheep masks” is the former belonging of the former to the Communist Party.
  • The monk’s well-known prediction about the second Boris, who will be tall and wear a mark (marked) is a comparison of the manager with Boris Godunov. Later, many understood what this prophecy referred to, because in Russia at that time Boris Yeltsin came to power. Abel prophesied both his spontaneous departure and his replacement with a man with a “black face” on the giant’s shoulders. The facts testified that Vladimir Putin, who came to replace Yeltsin, was just of short stature.
  • In his predictions, the monk also described a man of short stature, even literally “half bald.” These prophecies with characteristics were frequent and too detailed, so today researchers compare them with true facts such as: the origin of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, in whom Georgian blood flows on the maternal side.
  • Further – a mention of various wars and military conflicts: the war in the Prometheus Mountains, that is, the current war in the Caucasus, the third Tauride War and the Crimean War are also taking place.
  • The monk Abel also prophesied about an unreasonable young man, in whom today researchers recognize Dmitry Medvedev. The predictor also warned of a sad end for those who seek power. They, according to the monk, will break on a bear’s head and paws (this is the modern United Russia party) and the emblem of this party is a bear. A lot of conflicting opinions are caused by the prophecy of the elder Abel, referring to the future of Russia after Putin’s rule. The monk predicted the reign of ten kings who would bring misfortune to the state. This is where the contradiction lies – some researchers interpret such an order as the collapse of the Russian Federation, while others, on the contrary, increase its power through the coming to power of strong rulers.
  • The monk also foresaw the appearance on the political arena of the great swordsman and the man from the swamp. But not a single expert undertakes to interpret this prophecy, since such characters have not yet been observed in the modern state of the 21st century.
  • The next controversial prophecy of the elder Abel is the appearance of a man with a long nose. It is him, according to the monk, who will be hated by everyone around, but he will be able to rally the great power of the people around him. Now experts interpret this prediction as follows: in the guise of a man with a long nose, everyone saw the leader of the Communist Party – Zyuganov. Quite unusually, experts interpret the prediction about the repeated mention of the Marked Man. Most researchers agree that Gorbachev will be in government for the second time.What do the predictions of the elder Abel say (6 photos)

    In the guise of a man with a long nose, everyone saw the leader of the Communist Party – Zyuganov

  • No one can even imagine who the monk was talking about in the divination of the Lame Man, who will cling to power with all his might. To date, there is no one like it in the government.
  • “The Great Lady with golden hair” – this is how a monk literally described a woman. Now many experts are arguing about this candidacy, although many of them insist on the identity of Yulia Tymoshenko, since Abel represented Ukraine as part of the Russian state. There was another prediction of the elder Abel about the “Great Potter”, who united Russia, and brought down anger on “robbers and thieves.” Researchers still cannot come to one opinion regarding this prescription.

Many of the prophecies of the monk Abel came true, some were confirmed in passages. If you continue to believe the prophet, then Russia, starting from the 21st century, will go through difficult times. Abel foresaw a special year in the history of the state – 2024 (XXI century). This year is indicated on the icon of the Nativity of the Virgin, which is kept in one of the Russian monasteries. It was written according to the predictions of a monk. Abel prophesied the ascension to the throne of the blessed king, from the moment whose reign the greatness of the state will begin. We’ll see, time will tell.

A lot of data about the life of the monk Abel has been preserved, his predictions have been recorded, but who he really was: a skilled swindler or a real soothsayer – we can only guess. History does not know the exact answer.

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