Predictions for Russia and the world, from a man who was struck by lightning

This man survived after being struck by lightning. Then he began to predict the future. Out of just over a hundred predictions, 95 have already come true. As you can count, the percentage of his predictions that came true is quite high and there is no point in not believing his words. And most importantly, he says everything specifically and does not beat around the bush.

I am not a prophet, but a simple person who knows how to see the future.

Two decades later, after being struck by lightning, he wrote the book Saved by the Light, where he outlined everything that he saw in his subconscious during the strike. This book became a bestseller and was made into the film Saving Light. Also, the author in his book indicated that Russia would be given a big mission to save humanity.

He says that three kinds of creatures spoke to him:

  • the first personified love;
  • second devotion;
  • the third are other good qualities of a person.

And all these creatures revealed to our hero the secret of what will happen to human civilization from the end of the 20th century to the middle of the 21st century. There were 117 scenes in total.

He was able to see:

  • a terrible accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;
  • events in Japan at Fukushima;
  • how the USSR collapsed;
  • crowds of African immigrants

and much more.

At that time, many considered some of his visions to be fiction, but today, in the age of high technology, this may soon be realized:

  • Implantation of chips into the human body. Today, it is no surprise that some people already have chips in their bodies, in which all the information about it is entered. Also, thanks to these chips, they will monitor their health, which will increase the standard of living many times over.
  • Interdimensional conversation with the deceased. In the future, special devices will appear, thanks to which this will become possible.
  • Earthlings learn about the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. In his predictions, in the book, he announced the date of 2008, but so far no one has said anything about the contact of earthly civilization with aliens

These are the predictions about the future of mankind that Dannion Brinkley wrote in his book.

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